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Outline Cold War

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Preliminary Research Factsheet

Which Side Was Responsible For The Cold War ?


Write your Outline Cold War research paper

· Difference in political systems.


Political system based on

-Democratic (People could vote for different political parties)

-Capitalism (Business and property could be owned by private individuals)

-Freedom (Individual rights were granted to the people)


Political system based on

-Dictatorship (People could only vote for communist parties)

-Communist (Business owned and managed by the government)

-Control (The State was more important than that of the individual, so individuals lives were controlled)

• Post World War II Conflicts.

-The ending of the Alliance (Britain, The United States of America, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)

led to an extreme conflict between non-communist and communist nations)

• Division of Germany.

-The Western Allies took West Germany and unified it under the German Federal Republic (GFR).

-The USSR Retaliated by placing a blockade on Berlin. The Russian Portion a.k.a East Germany became the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

• Spread of Communism


See Timeline.

Key Figures

• Brezhnev, Leonid Liyich

- President of the Supreme Soviet successor of Nikita Krhushchev. Known for the establishment of the Brezhnev Doctrine. His Period of office was known for the growth of d�tente.

• Castro, Fidel

- Overthrew the police-state in Cuba in 15. His growing ties with the USSR based on land reform programs and nationalization led to conflicts with the US and Cuba.

• Dubcek, Alexander

- As first secretary of the Communist Party his reforms led to the Warsaw Pact. He relaxed censorship laws, pursued and independent foreign policy, and promised a democratization of Czech Political life.

• Eisenhower, Dwight D.

- Allied Supreme Commander in Europe during WWII lead the Normandy Invasion. Republican president of the United States from the early 50s to the early 60s. As president he was marked by two Civil Rights Acts, the passing of social security laws, and the efforts to achieve better understanding with the USSR while still supporting efforts to combat communism.

• Gorbachev, Mikhail Sergeevich

-Soviet leader form 185 - 11 known for embarking on issues such as political and social liberates and economic reform. In 187 he signed the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty with president Reagan.

• Ho Chi Minh

- Led the fight for Vietnam’s independence from the Japanese during WWII, The French from 146-154. After his victory in north Vietnam he attempted to capture the south but would be faced with US intervention.

• Kennedy, John Fitzgerald

-USA president from 161- his death in 16. Foreign affairs led his administration ie Bay of Pigs fiasco, the Building of the Berlin Wall, the launching of the Peace Corps , Alliance for Progress, and the conclusion for the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

• Khrushchev, Nikita

- Soviet Union leader who denounced Stalin’s Policies. Signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and promoted a policy with peaceful co-existence with the west.

• Nixon, Richard

- Nixon was the first United States President to resign from office because he was in danger of impeachment for his involvement in the Watergate affair.

• Stalin, Joseph

- Soviet Leader who gradually assumed complete power of the USSR after the death of Vladamir Lenin. He remained absolute ruler until his death in 15.

• Truman, Harry S.

- His decision to drop the atomic bomb ended WWII. He played a Major Role in the Development of Northen Atlantic Treaty Origination (NATO) and the United Nations (UN). He was Responsible for the Marshall Plan and altered US policy towards the USSR following the WWI Alliance.

• Walesa, Lech

- Leader of Solidarity, a widespread independent Polish trade union which would be banned in 181 but continue its operation underground until it was made legal and given a share in government. Noble Peace Prize Winner.

• Yeltsin, Boris

- Russia’s 1st post communism President. He was a Russian nationalist but did little to help the USSR from breakup in 11-1. He supported the creation of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to replace the USSR.

Key Issues

• Cuban Missile Crisis

• Korean War

• Invasion of Afghanistan

• Boycott of Olympic Games in Moscow

• The creation, testing, and use of the following Atomic Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb

by the Super Powered Nations / Arms Race

• Disarmament

• Theory of Deterrence


• Creation of Numerous Organizations

- North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

- The United Nations (UN)

- Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO)

- Communist Information Bureau (Cominform)

• Arms Race

- Between USA and USSR

• Treatise Signed

- Geneva Accords

- Paris Accords

- Salt 1

- Salt



Experiencing History C old War; Victor A Zelinski

The Cold War Ideological Conflict or Power Struggle; Norman A. Graebner


The History Channel (UK)

The Cold War


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