Monday, 1 August 2011


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Health Article-

The item that I chose to write about was Nature’s Cure body acne treatment spray. The reason I chose this product is because there are tons of products that say that can get rid of acne but none really tell what they do. They just say how to use them. That’s why this ad stuck out to me. It tells that it has medicated % Salicylic Acid spray clears blemishes, all natural tablets help stop acne before it starts and its dermatologist tested, with results saying that it was safe and effective. So not only does it clean the outside of your skin but it comes with effective pills too for the inside. And I thought that it showed that it probably does work because it’s not just some face wash or something. Although it could be health fraud I think that because I dermatologist tested it, it must be worth trying if you have acne. But the downside about this product is that this is not a well known company so they are harder to trust. For instance, because I have bought things from Neutrogena before and my friends have and there was nothing bad about the products. I might just want to stay with a brand that I’m comfortable with.

Something that you also have to take into consideration is the fact that if the big name brands are so great and everybody feels comfortable with them, then most likely this product will be a lot cheaper. Because they have to have a lot of customer’s before they can raise the price on the item there selling. And on top of all these things this product shows and points to all the parts of your body that it treats acne for so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

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