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american dream

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American Dream

Jay Gatsby, the novel’s protagonist, is often seen as a prototype of the American dream. He sets out to achieve ambitions and seemingly impossible goals. Gatsby believes unconditionally in his dream and he pursues it with enthusiasm. Through hard work and dedication, Gatsby has accumulated his wealth and his well being. The American dream is made up of many things, a big portion of it is how wealthy you are, and others are how intelligent and how you use that intelligence.

This novel contains different elements of society. The author carefully chose the characters so that there are all sorts of elements in the society. There is old money in the form of Tom and Daisy Buchanan; the new rich generation are embodied in Gatsby. Than Myrtle Wilson and her husband George symbolize the aspiring lower middle class that work and are poorly respected. The drama of the story can be scene as a version of American life.

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The ideal American Dream is that an individual can achieve success regardless of family history, race, or religion simply by working hard enough. Gatsby had lived the American dream because he was successful and was from another country and had different family history. “I heard from a man who knew all about him, grew up with him in Germany” (pg 45) a man said speaking so surely of where Gatsby had came from. Although where Gatsby came from and what he was in his past did not matter because he was a wealthy successful man now.

Jay Gatsby throws parties like nobody else can, everyone’s invited and it’s the highest class party that you will find anywhere around. Everybody likes Gatsby because he wasn’t a snob even though he had all that money, he treated everyone with respect and people treated him with respect. Gatsby was an educated man so they said, “well, he told me once that he went to Oxford man” said Jordan. Even though Gatsby was from Germany he had still gotten an education and because somebody, proving that it does not matter what race, religion or nationality you are.

I agree that an American dream had been corrupted because you cannot live one dream for the rest of your life. Money, beauty, power only does so much, on the outside it looks like an American dream. But if you stay with this one dream forever it will be corrupted. Gatsby was an American dream to some people, and was pathetic to others. I think that he was an American dream because there is not much more you could ask for. Nick’s parting words to him were “You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together”. This shows that to some he was the Dream and to some it was just considered Gatsby’s sad pathetic life.

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