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Commparative annalysis self portraits

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A comparative analysis of the styles and techniques of self portraits by Vincent Van Goug and Freda Kahlo. The Bleeding Heart by Kaholo is a painting of anguish and unhappiness. This self-portrait reflects a strong aspect of her own self-identity Wearing native dress to assert her cultural identity she is flanked on each side by monkey’s with a jungle background that further references her native Indian heritage. A necklace of thorns is worn around her neck, its thorns pricking her skin and making her bleed. Kahlo always references the hurt, desiring body, whose wounds are both physical and psychological.

Post-Impressionist witch Van Goug came under is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of artists who were influenced by Impressionism but took their art in different directions.

There is no single well-defined style of Post-Impressionism, but in general it is less casual and more emotionally charged than Impressionist work.

The method in which Kahlo and Van Goug uses to show the meaning in there self-portraits are very different, each using different techniques both effective for the times that each artist lived in.

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Color is a very important technique in both portraits. Whilst Kaholo uses many different color themes , one witch seems to be earthy tones bringing back her mothers family history, coming from the Indian background kahlo had a connection with the earth, although still having a lager connection to her Spanish qualities. Van Goug Use’s many shades of deep purples and blue, the color of death. The theme of the dark purples and blues is a symbol of the depression, of the time Van Goug lived in.

Shape is classified as a two dimensional. If we trace around the edge of an object we create a silhouette. Kahlo’s use of shape is a lot more present in her paintings than the painting of Van Goug. Van Goug uses a series of lines to shoe the face, and if you look very closely the whole painting.

“I paint my own reality,” Kahlo said.

“Painting herself bleeding, weeping, cracked open, she transmuted her pain into art…”

Out of the cracked and the bleeding Freda became immortal. What came to the red-haired girl in her years as an adult was a spirit “with strength of life” of frightening power.

Van Goug although no material symbolism, the way that Van Goug has this strait face staring off in to the air this gives the impression of the life and times.

Patten and repetition are very evident design elements in Kahlo’s The Bleeding Heart. The murky green of the background brings to head the cultural aspect that Kahlo puts into each individual piece. The green leafs offer a much hope, they seem to create a land away from where she had to deal with the physical and mental pains in her life to a place where she could dream away thinking of what could have been.

The colours can quit clearly bee seen as a symbol in is self, not just the colour but the objects that where chosen for theses colours. The deep searing black paint of the jungle animals is easily representation of the pain that is the main theme of most of kaholo’s works.

Whilst Kahlo’s uses of earthy tones to assert her cultural identity Van Goug uses the deep purples and blues to show a time where bright colours where not used. The colours that Van Goug used seem to be the colours of emotion, by the vacant look on Van Goug’s face in this painting he seems to be in a state of thought.

Kahlo’s paintings offer a small degree of visible texture when compared to Van Goug. Kahlo’s use of texture in her painting is very visible in the leafy very lush foliage, texture is also very clear in the beads of her hat and in the dragon fly’s.

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