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A Good Way to Go Out

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A Good Way To Go Out

At Senatobia High School, sports is one of the most important things. To most people, it’s even more important than education. I played baseball at Senatobia, and my junior year we won the State Championship. Everybody wants to repeat a championship, and my senior year we were in the nd round of the playoffs and I came through in the clutch for what might have been my greatest moment in sports.

It was in late April and the sun was shining, a great day for baseball. We were playing our hated rivals, the Amory Panthers. In the playoffs it was known that we couldn’t beat them at their field, and they couldn’t beat us at ours. We had gone to their place the first game and been beat, 11-1, so when we came back to our field two days later, we were facing elimination. We had taken the lead, 8-7, in the top of the sixth when I came up to lead off the bottom half of the inning. I was 0- at the plate, so I knew I had to come through to help win the game and go back to their field for a series-deciding game three. The crowd was cheering and that’s when I felt the pressure kick in.

I stepped up to the plate and did my usual digging in the dirt. That was one way I prepared to hit. I fixed my batting gloves and looked down the third baseline at my head coach, Coach Sinquefield. He gave me the green light to hit, so I stepped in the batter’s box and looked at the pitcher who was already waiting to pitch. The first pitch he threw me was a curve ball right down the middle for a called strike. The count moved to no balls and a strike. The next pitch was

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low and outside for a ball. He threw me another inside pitch that I pulled fouled down the third baseline to move the count to one ball and two strikes. Now I was deep in the hole, but I watched the next two pitches patiently that went for two balls. I had worked myself into a full count.

I had hit around seven or eight balls to the fence that year, and my teammates had told me all season I was going to hit a homerun. I knew that the pitcher didn’t want to walk the lead-off batter and give us a chance to score with no outs, so I knew he wasn’t going to try and spot up on the inside or outside. He was going to try to blow a fast ball right by me down the middle of the plate. He did just that, throwing me two fast balls right down the pipe which I fouled off, trying to stay alive in my at-bat. I stepped out of the batter’s box for the last time and looked down at Coach Sinquefield who was hollering, Good at-bat right here, Phil! Wait back and drive it!

I replied by saying, Yes sir! and stepped back in the box expecting another fast ball. There it was, coming in slow motion right down the middle. I waited back as my coach had told me and when the ball got there I swung and blasted it out of the park for my first homerun of the season, and we extended our lead, -7, as I jogged around the bases.

The next three hitters got out, and Amory made a comeback in the seventh inning and took the lead, 16-. We couldn’t retaliate in the bottom of the seventh and they ended up beating us for the first time at our own field. We were eliminated and my high school career was over. I had hit a homerun my last at-bat, and had come through for my teammates, just like I was expected to. Even though we didn’t repeat a State Championship, I still had a special trot around the bases, ending my season with a clutch homerun in the bottom of the sixth inning, in the nd round of the playoffs.

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