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Heavy Rain Trouble In Hong Kong

Although rain happened everywhere in the world, heavy rain time to time which sometimes affects the day-to-day life of people in Hong Kong. Heavy rains time to time create problems for the Hong Kong people. When a heavy rain comes, people could hardly get their daily life going, like shopping in the outlet, hanging out with friends in the street, or waiting for transportation. In Hong Kong, there were so many people in a small land. They were so busy, and walked very quickly. Time was never enough for them, they always thought work and work. People were hate the heavy rain happened so frequency, it made them so uncomfortable.

It was a wet Saturday afternoon in the Garden Street, Hong Kong. The street was full with people as usual. The hawkers were shouting and yelling in the street, tried to convince people to stop by and buy their products, some people were looking for their favor products, some people were talking to the hawkers to convince them with a lower price, some people were shouting in their kids, some children were asking their parents to buy toys, and some people were walking through. Noises were all over the place, people couldn¡¯t hear others talking easily. People had not noticed that the sky was getting gloomy and black clouds were rolling across the dark sky. The heavy rain was coming. Suddenly, a lightning appeared in the sky, then came with a deafening roar of thunder, finally, down poured the rain. Everybody in the street got panic. ¡°Raining¡±, cried by the people. Some people searched their bags for their umbrellas, some people were running to look for places to hide, some people used their morning newspapers as umbrellas, some people dashed into the huge umbrellas of the hawkers, and some people could only stand under the rain. All the shelters were full with unprepared people, looking at the sky anxiously, wonder when the rain stopped.

There was a family walked their way through the crowd towards the bus stop, they tried to catch the bus and got their way back to home. Now the rain was coming down in sheet. It was more trouble than before, people could hardly to hold their umbrellas. Lightning and thunder happened now and then, everyone was wet in the street. The hawkers could not get their businesses going and tried to push their cart away. People stuck in the rain, couldn¡¯t get their daily life going. It was very hard for people to move, the family was wondering they kept going to the bus stop or stayed to wait for the rain stopped. Obviously, to get to the bus stop, the family had to get across all the people that hidden under the shelters, which seem impossible. Finally, with great difficulty, the family reached the bus stop. There was a queue as long as a bus. In the bus stop, some people were chatting with their friends, some people were talking in cell phones, some people were tapping their shoes impatiently under their umbrellas, causing splashes of water onto others¡¯ pants, and some people were complaining when the bus came. There was a smelled fuel of a vehicle coming nearer and nearer toward the people, it was the bus.


Finally the bus stopped completely in front of the people. Everybody pushed and forced and tried to get into the crowded bus. People were shouting at others, ¡°Hurry!¡±, ¡°Get in!¡±. The bus driver tried to calm down the people and told them to form in lines, but could not succeed. Finally, everybody squeezed into the bus. The bus was very, very crowded, people could hardly to move their feet. People¡¯s clothes were wet and sticking to the skin. The clod waters were freezing everybody. The smell was not so good in the bus because all the windows were close. People were shouting at the bus driver to start the bus. At the moment, there was a strong man pushed on an old lady in front of him hard in order to get through her. The old lady was not holding anything else. As a result, he knocked the old lady down on the floor, the old lady was down hard, a cut in her head filled with blood, the old lady screamed with pain. People were shocked at the situation, some people went to help her to get up, some people tried to stop the blooding, and some people called the ambulance for her. The man that pushed the old lady wanted to escape from the situation, but caught by several men. Very soon, an ambulance stopped down in the road. The old lady was immediately taken to the hospital. As for the man that pushed the old lady, the police gave him a warning, told him if he caught next time, he would face jail time. Because of the accident, the traffic was held up at once and the bus was moving slowly. Through the window of the bus, the raining seem to be held forever. The Garden Street was silent and deserted. The hawkers had already pushed their carts away. Finally, the traffic was clear, the bus moved in speed.

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