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Everyday Use

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In the Short story ?Everyday Use? written by Alice Walker, the mother and also narrator was described as a manly woman who for the first time triumphantly stands up to her spoiled eldest daughter Dee. This story of the treatment a mother entails from her bratty daughter is both frustrating and relieving. Frustration when Dee repeatedly tries to take advantage of her mother and younger sister Maggie. And Relief with the mother will have not more of that and says the unthinkable word ?No? to Dee.

The mother of this short story describes herself as a tough laboring woman who knows the meaning of hard work, because of this she is seen through Dee?s eyes as embarrassing. In the eyes of Dee the life that her mother and Maggie live is poor and unrewarding lacking the upper class status that she has worked hard to establish herself as in the future. To Dee the life she was brought up in was an obstacle she had to over come, taking pictures of her mother, Maggie, and the poor house that she was brought up in. Undoughtably going to show these pictures to her friends as a ?look how far I have come? snap shot. Doing things such as changing her name Dee that was a family name passed down three generations to a name such as Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo. Dee does not hesitate to take advantage of her mother after all her whole life her mother hadn?t dared to say ?No? to her. If Dee wants it Dee gets it that?s the motto it seems. Well I guess the reader as does Dee realizes that has lasted long enough.

It seemed that the mother had, had quit enough of Dee?s demands and spoiled antics displayed upon her visit back home. Demanding things be given to her such as the butter churn top when she had no real use for it, only wanting it for display. Dee went to far when she wanted to take the hand stitched quilts the mother had been saving for Maggie to inherit upon her marriage. When she was initially turned down in a polite way Dee attacked her sister Maggie whom was always intimidated by her saying that she wouldn?t appreciate them and insulting both Maggie and her mother in saying that they didn?t know nor understand their heritage. To both Dee?s and Maggie?s shock the mother said no and took the quilts shoving them back at Maggie strongly saying to Dee that they were Maggie?s and that she needed to pick others. This enraged Dee letting that be known by storming out of the house with no quilts hopped into her car and drove away.

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In conclusion the hard working Mother of ?Everyday Use? reaches a silent goal by saying the unthinkable ?No? to her daughter Dee, standing up for both Maggie an herself. After all you can only push a person so far and it seems that Dee had pushed her mother far enough. The mother and certainly the readers felt very proud and triumphant when Dee was finally stood up to. Being a tough and hard working person does not always mean that they know how to set boundaries and not allow other to take advantage of them especially when the person walking all over them is someone they love. Just because Dee?s had gone to far does not mean that the mother no longer love them, Dee will probably be back maybe she learned a lesson and maybe she didn?t only Maggie and the mother will ever know.

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