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The Creators of Reality

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( I always assume that my readers are as intelligent as I am Godri Vin)

My name is Milan and I came here to bore you to death…



The actual mediocrity of our every day life finds its temporary fantastic compensation in the opiates of the cultural coziness. The art itself is dead, but the students are necrophiliacs. They peep inside the cinemas and theaters to see its corpse. They think they are avant-gardes if they are present at the newest ‘happening’, and get all the latest releases of the important, and so called ‘difficult’ books, with which pop culture filled up our bookstores. Their biggest concern is their status. For them, every new dissection of the corpse represents cultural revolution.


Whole Generation is Falsified

Our classrooms are factories of reality that are producing Thoughts for Masses, and actually they are authorized to do that by the state itself. For example, a car factory has a prototype, made on a drawing-board, based on which every model is made upon. Money-making factories also have standard forms based on which official monnet is made. In the same way, classrooms have standard forms based on which all officially accepted human beings are made. While one part of the system is concerned with catching and persecuting the ones responsible for falsifying 10 pounders, the other part of the same system is officially stimulating the ‘printing’ of false people. The same society that is terrified with falsified Picasso’s paintings, and false Bibles from 1-th century, is by its own creations of false human beings.


The ultimate aim of the human falsifiers is to produce a completely the same human beings, to reduce all the possibilities to only one possibility, for the sake of higher goods like societal harmony, and greater efficiency. Cause, as famous Sociologists like Marx and Webber argue ‘Only if all the people are the same could they live in peace and prosperity’, or that ‘first rule of mass production is to standardize all the components including the work-force. That’s why in the school you were all dressed in the same way, your hair was cut in the same way, you studied by the same educational plan and program, and you had the same exams. You give the same standard answers to the same standard questions, and you are trained to dream the same dreams � nice job, nice wife (or husband), and nice kids; to dream how you will spend all your day in the office and all your night in front of the TV, and on the end you will find your little piece when you will die having in possession two cars and three ulcers.

Our good old Liberal system of education is not concerned with discovering new questions, but with answering the old answers. Petit school rules are directed for rooting out all the ‘outside’ differences, while our liberal culture with its quest for standardizing of the basic notions and values with which we experience our world is rooting out all of ours ‘inside’ individuality.

Our system which states that ‘mass production is most efficient kind of production’, as well as that ‘competition is the only stimulus for the efficiency’ is facing a very serious dilemma. This system requires from people to be similar enough to replace each other on the production line, but also to be different enough, so between them a healthy competition on the market occurs. And behind all of this there is an agonizing urge to spend, spend, spend. So what happens is that the Art becomes a new market place for the consumers, and equalizes itself with such consuming articles as brushes, detergents and toothpastes.


The corpse of culture and cultural cannibals

Every man… Miller

The corpse of culture is almost destroyed on endless production lines in factories, which are paradoxically integral part of the cultural system. This destruction especially comes to attention in the proclamation by the Liberal Educational System of the great difference between the so called ‘high culture’, which is somehow good and calming, as Picasso’s paintings are; and ‘low culture’ which is vulgar and bad, as the life itself is.


As a great critic Barbara Stone christened it � Academafia � is courageously marching around the highs of the ‘high culture’,


making such conclusions, and discoveries as the great influence of Dostoyevski on Kafaka, STD on Servantes, relative merits of Rasin and Korney, the notion of inescapable truth in Laibnicz and Hume; SLIDE 8

It gives you the definition of Revolution from the dictionary; it makes you go to see ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the Theater, but than forbids you any kind of flirting or touching in the bus on your way home; SLIDE

it posses impressive knowledge about ‘Early-renaissance Italian Gardening’, but it absolutely has no idea about how a person looks when he is stuck in contemporary Rome with 10 cents in hi pocket, scab and passport that is long expired. SLIDE 10

But behind all of that pedantry and uselessness, there lies an agonizing try to make one universal system of cultural goods.


Group Hallucination

Our collective societal myth decayed, so it is up to liberal culture to unite and socialize us. By replacing old system of societal values by new system of cultural values. The syllabus is completed by homework, a scholastic year ends with exams; the meaning of ones schooling career makes sense by one’s place at the University. It is all nicely circled out � made collective, coherent, useful. Official world is the world of stereotyped forms, with carefully regulated content and shapes and inevitable ‘happy-ends’. The art replaces religion as the opiate defense from reality.


And the question is what could alternative part of the society give us as alternative to all of this? The answer is nothing special! All the worst characteristic features of the so called ‘over-ground’ culture abd art passivity, imposed mentality, escapisam from reality, commerciality, snobbism are all reflected, as the unreal shapes on the mirror onto ‘underground’ culture and art.

The art that goes on market under the name of ‘counter-culture art’ is nothing else but the most plastic, and most pathetic expression of the two basic fetishes of the mass society up to date. Namely, the ‘escapist epical spectacularity and passive consumers artificiality.


The aim of this presentation was not to present you with exact data, and information on certain topic, but to stimulate you, to think, at least for a moment, about yourselves, your environment, and how it all got this way. When you go home and watch your TV, turn on the cooker or sit on the toilet seat and the problem with our so called reality starts bugging you I know my presentation was successful.


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