Thursday, 12 July 2012

My First Time Playing Counter-Strike

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My first time playing the first person shooter game “Counter-Strike”, the first person shooting game was with two of my friends, Phong and Andy at a local PC-Station located in Alhambra, CA called “Game Structure”. The reason we chose this PC-Station is because it’s the closest to our house and one of the better-quality stations around here. As I first walked in I noticed the loud clashing sounds, about 40 kids screaming aloud of excitement, and I looked far ahead of me, and saw about fifty top of the line gaming computers. When I thought about all the things occurring I began to think, just how fun this game could be for me.

Meanwhile I walk on over to the cashiers desk and notice a friendly male about 0 years old sitting down in a leather executive-style chair, he then asked me “ Hi I’m David, can I help you? “, I then replied and said I was looking for the sign in sheet. He then pointed toward the other table desktop and there it was a long sign in sheet with over 50 names signed in. Right then David, the male working at the cashier area approached us and notified us that we would have to wait about 15 minutes before we would be able to play, due to the waiting line and all computers being used at the time. After being notified me and my friends all had heavy frowns on our faces, we thought “WOW! This is going to be a LONG wait.” Then one of my friends Andy suggested that we would go eat Banh-Mi (French/Vietnamese sandwich). So we did at some bakery next door, we all spent about $.5 on three sandwiches. Since we didn’t really have anywhere to eat, we went inside Game-Structure and sat on their leather sofas. Shortly after we we’re done eating David told us that computers we’re ready and we would be able to play. In my head I told my self “Wee, Finally we get to play!!”

Finally, me and my three friends were about to play Counter-Strike for our first time. I slowly approached computer # and examined it with my eyes carefully to make sure there was nothing wrong so the workers would not blame me for something I didn’t do. Shortly after examining it myself I saw nothing wrong with it and pressed the “On” button, after waiting about minutes the windows screen loaded up and I double clicked Counter-Strike. Soon after waiting for my computer to join the server I finally got in and was hyped up to play, I felt like I was about to go on a roller coaster ride, I guess I was that excited.

Still I was being very cautious making sure not to tap the mouse too hard or typing on the keyboard too hard, during this time I wasn’t too fond of using computers and I lacked experience nor did I know anything about them. When I first entered the game, I joined as a Terrorist it seemed silly as I watched other people while I was dead, run around the map De_Dust in circles over and over as if they thought they would find something doing that. The way the map looked was golden-yellow with two bases, one for terrorist and one for the counter-terrorist. It was really fun as I used AK-47’s and grenades to kill people when we would engage each other.

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So far the adventure for me was awesome, but then I encountered a problem. Here I was my first time playing counter-strike and the computer freezes. I had to ask one of the workers to help me, while I waited for him to help me fix it; I went on to the counter and bought a bag of sour skittles which is my favorite candy. Meanwhile my friends were still back there having their fun screaming their lungs out due to the rush of fun. As soon as my computer was fixed, I was back in the game within an eye blink. After continuing to play again I was beginning to think that the skittles candy was giving me some extra energy of some sort because I was doing way better than I was earlier, was it because I was infatuated with the game? When I would get shot or some one would pop out of the corner and shoot me I would sometimes jump due to the loud noise and unexpected things going on in the game. It was quite awesome as people would get a bunch of headshots and would have awesome aiming, that’s when my friend Phong told me “Damn Lance, I hope one day we’re as good as them because we suck!” then we just both laughed. After about 6 hours of playtime and about $1.00 for the 6 hours of play we felt it was time to head on home. Around this time it was already 6 PM and most of us had to go on home. Right as we left we received a bunch of “byes” and also got thanked by the workers for coming. This was my first time playing Counter-Strike at a local LAN called Game-Structure.

When I think of this experience today, I realize that I would have never learned to play Counter-Strike this fast without the help of the workers at Game-Structure. I’m also pretty sure that if I didn’t play at Game-Structure for my first time I wouldn’t have had as much fun. Their friendly workers and friendly environment made it even easy for a newbie to ask for help.

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