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Hpw to focus on work

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Sounds simple enough, but when do we take the time to free ourselves from the inherent distractions of the office environment? You may even have what you consider to be an efficient system of getting work done, but think about how much time do you spend on chatting with co-workers, taking a cigarette break, making phone calls or just surfing the net. Now matter how stellar your production, there is always room for improvement. Consider the following a simple guide to streamline your basic workday.

The main tip is to have enough of sleep. Common sense, as well as medical research , suggest that the quality of rest you get on a given night will determine the type of mental acuity you have the next day. Good idea is to remove a TV from your bedroom , because otherwise it can be major deterrent from sleep.

Next tip is start your morning off right. Try to wake up a little earlier, so you could manage to do your everyday morning routine with no hurry. To have breakfast, to take shower, to read morning newspapers in a calm atmosphere is even more important that you may think. Hurry causes stresses , so you have to escape it .The point is to start the day off ensconced in the comfort of your home environment , before joining the rat race of the real world.

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Tip number three cut out distractions. Of course , it is easy to say, but hard to do. It may seem like an impossible battle to win, but you have to fight it if you want to improve your focus. When you arrive at the office try to keep the chatter with co-workers to a minimum. The office is a place of business , not a social club . Ask your relatives and friends not to call to you when you are at work and use your e-mail mail box only for business purposes. Keep everything personal at home.

Next tip is try not to get involved into office romance. It is the most damaging distraction on the job . The consequences could be dire. For one , you are bound to have unsavory thoughts for the most of the day. In addition, the potential for damaged relations with other employees is possible. The last thing you want is to be the main topic of the office rumour mill.

All in all, try to build a protective fortress around yourself when necessary and work with diligence on internal factors averting your focus from the job, such as apathy, boredom and fatigue. Do not be ashamed to take a time-out from the computer or even a quick nap to recharge your cerebral battery. Do whatever is necessary to take ownership of the focus.

Inherent - existing as a natural or basic part of something; not able to be removed or changed ;

Stellar - (informal) When used of people or their activities, stellar means of an extremely high standard.

Acuity - accuracy and effectiveness (of vision, hearing, or thought)

To ensconce - to place (yourself) firmly in a particular place for a length of time

Dire - very serious or extreme, or informal very bad

To avert - to turn away (your eyes or thoughts)

Fatigue - extreme tiredness, or specialized weakness in something such as a metal part or structure, often caused by repeated bending

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