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1. Billy’s mother makes the comment “So ya come back after all… Ya too good for us mob, I s’pose” before he even greets her, which indicates she feels distant from her son and feels rejected and detached from her son’s life. Since he has moved to further his football and art career, she hasn’t really had a look into her son’s life and he hasn’t made any sort of contact with her since. She probably still loves him deep down, but may feel some resentment towards him. “His mother has not talked to Billy all night.”

Her position may invoke sympathy from the reader, as Billy seems to act in a condescending manner towards her. His revulsion towards her is evident in his description and the reader may sympathise with her. Billy tries to make up for it “In the morning he will buy her some pretty curtains for the windows and make a proper door and buy her the best dress in the shop.”

When Billy goes to buy a carton of beer for his party, the barman reacts arrogantly and condescendingly towards him and seems prejudiced towards aboriginal people. “You cheeky bastard” is retorted by the barman when Billy stands up for himself when insulted. His insults are racially motivated and he is bigoted towards Billy because of the colour of his skin.

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The barman’s coarse language and racial insults creates bad feeling in the reader and he is instantly disliked by the reader. The unfairness and rudeness of his accusations make him a dislikeable character and the reader would most probably side with Billy. His acceptance of Darcy softens the blow, although it was only because Darcy acted dumb to make the barman feel superior.

The policemen enters the story towards the end of it, and arrests Billy for the alleged theft of the watch. He arrests him quickly and happily because of the colour of his skin and his family name. “You bastards stick together like flies on a dunny wall”. He like the barman is prejudiced, “you black prick”, against blacks and finds joy in arresting Billy. “You mongrel black bastard, I’m going to make you and your fucking brother jump,” before he can prove his innocence.

Again, the unfairness of his actions and his prejudice against aborigines results in an immediate dislike by the reader towards him.

. “White people are to blame for problems facing aboriginal people in contemporary society”

The whole plotline of the story is that Billy is coming home after travelling out into the big city full of white people, adapting to their world, becoming one of them and then returning to his original home a different person.

He is a distant from the entire aboriginal community, having been surrounded by white people for the last 5 years and is only returning because his guilty conscience affected him at footy game “a young part aboriginal opponent stared at him the whole game with large, scornful black eyes seeing right through him.”

It seems that white people are to blame for all the problems that the aboriginal community in the story have to face. Billy Woodward’s father had died when he had drunken methylated spirits and then was hit by a truck. Without the white peoples interference with the aborigines way of life, Billy’s father would have probably have drunken water instead of methylated spirits as alcohol was introduced by white people, and then he wouldn’t have been hit by the truck, which were also introduced and probably driven by a white person.

The introduction of white civilisation to the aboriginal community caused many of the aborigines to forget their traditional customs and try to adjust to the white customs. The results are seen in the story as Billy’s aboriginal family is living in ‘poverty’ they have forgotten how to provide for themselves as aborigines did generations before them and as a result are living in poor housing and dirty living conditions “a rickety shape of nailed down tin and sheets of iron.

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