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my city

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No neighborhood, town, or even an entire city fills me with as much delight and emotion as my family home in sunny Salinas California. Located just an hour south of our Mission campus, my home is my personal sanctuary where I can run to whenever times are rough. The smooth stucco walls serve as protection against the harsh and unforgiving outside world. Smells, sounds, tastes, even textures make the creamy off-white colored home with sky blue trim so special and unique.

Sprinkles on the petals of the rose’s in our prized garden don’t look quite as beautiful any place else in the world. This can partially be attributed to the hours of hard work poured into the garden as a family. Many Saturday mornings were spent pulling out pesky weeds with my younger sisters while Mom and Dad were busy plotting the next big project. They say Salinas has some of the best soil in America, rich in iron and vitamins, which explains why it’s the salad capitol of the world. Thinking about it, I can almost feel the texture of the midnight brown soil running through my hands in the garden. Cool to the touch, the dirt was like an artist clay, ready to be molded into a work of art.

Notre Dame high school, my alma mater, is located just down the street from my home, in turn producing an abundance of after school visitors. The Pura home has the reputation of being a place to go to relax after challenging day at school. The living room is home to two light pink and furry overstuffed sofas that jump out at you and scream “come sit on me”. Boisterous and animated conversations and rough-housing are just some of the qualities of everyday Pura family life a visitor would speculate.


Dinner time is a much celebrated event at my house. With two working parents, and three girls very involved with extra-curricular activities, appetites roar at around 60, the time our delicious dinners are usually served. The cuisine prepared in our kitchen is nourishing and savory. My favorite dish is a Swiss family tradition passed down from generation to generation. Polenta, a yellow mush made of cornmeal, and beef stew is savored and devoured at our walnut oak table at least once a month. Another family favorite is Zesty Zuccini. The mouth-watering smells seep into the cracks in the walls and reach every room in the house. Within minutes, everyone is gathered around the table, eager for the meal.

Dinnertime conversations are lively and full of emotion. Typical stories include, but aren’t limited to humorous lunch-lady horror stores, highlights from the day’s volleyball, softball, or basketball practices, random, interesting facts, and a highlight and lowlight from each member of the family (the best part of the day, the worst part of the day). The love that can be felt floating in the air of the dinning room is so powerful it’s as though you could reach up and grab a handful and save it for later.

The other two members of the family have never spoken a word, but the warmth of their genuine love is felt by everyone. Alexander and Roxy, two cats with enough personality for at least five families, add special character and excitement to my family home. When times get rough and I need someone to listen to my problems, I turn to Alexander. He’s 1 years old, yet has maintained a fur coat as soft as a feather. My cat is a magician who magically knows when I need his assistance. My bad moods trigger a signal and it’s as if he’s instantly there. His soft purring is one of the most comforting things in the world!

Life in the dorms has thus far produced many emotions, both good and bad, but nothing can ever replace my beautifully raptured home sweet home. Monthly visits to my home are all I can do to nourish my inner cravings for the joy my home creates within me.

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