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. The first clues that Gardener gives that Grendel is an intelligent, sentient creature, is when he reflects on the animals in the wilderness like that deer or rabbits . Grendel then ponders their self being and happiness. Then can see their lives without ever SEEing it.

. Grendel and his mother get into a lot of fights and really don’t seem to care a whole lot about each other. They are doomed to live where they do because of the Kings theories and what they state.

. Grendel discovered the world outside of his lair, when he was trapped and he says, I understood the world was a nothing, a mechanical chaos of casual, brute enmity on which we stupidly pose our hopes and fears.

4. Grendels first encounter with man came when he was trapped between trees. Grendel and the other group of men were both studying each other and trying to make conclusions. It turned out to be a very dramatic experience.


5. The evidence shown that Grendels mother understood the true peril involved with man is the way she protects her son so greatly around the threat of man.

6. Hrothgar rose to power by outstripping the other fighters and warriors. Hrothgar created theories about the purpose of fighting and he displayed the strength of his organization.

7. The Shaper was a man who would make music to stir up Hrthogars men to more daring deeds for a price. The Shaper is a very important and influencing character. The Shaper harp had a very traumatic experience on Grendel. He was called the Shaper because he reshaped the the things around him.

8. The significance of Gardners word play on page 47 is that when referring to the power of the Shapers songs it can mean two words morality plus mortality.

. The biblical allusion Gardner uses to explain Grendels lot in life is when the Shaper says Grendel was the dark side when the world was split between darkness and light. This realization affects Grendel in a self-destructing way.

10. When Grendel attempts to repent he begins saying curse words. He says he learned these words from man but had no idea what they meant. The irony is the words he used are obscene and are used to do the opposite of redeeming

11. The inner struggle Grendel has concerning religion is him wondering and asking why he has no one to talk to. He mentions thats the Shaper and Hrothgar have people to talk to but not him.

1. In chapter five when Grendel meets the dragon, the dragon is described as a very large old dragon, with sharp tusks and red golden scales.

1. In the Anglo Saxon culture the dragon symbolically represented the guard of the great treasure.

14. The dragon claiming that Grendel improves mans existence can be true because, Grendel stimulates man and makes them think.

15. The dragon and Grendel are both intelligent creatures. However there is a difference between the two. As the dragon says referring to Grendel is he can only see the past and the present. The Dragon can see the beginning and the future. The dragons long speeches made me feel that he was not only a powerful creature but an omniscient one as well.

16. At the end of chapter five Grendel struggles again to embrace religion because the dragon discredits everything the Shaper has told him about God and the creation of the world. The dragon plays the role of a mentor and gives good advice.

17. The dragon had physically put a charm on Grendel. This is a very profound effect because no weapon could cut him; therefore others were powerless against him.

18. The first face-to-face encounter between Grendel and Unferth was them jeering at one another, then a physical battle.

1. Grendel makes a mockery of Unferth by acting like he really doesnt exist and makes the notion that Unferth is a weak nobody.

0. The next meeting between Unferth and Grendel is Unferth swimming down to Grendels lair and bragging about how hell be remembered. In the end Unferth ends up falling asleep and no battle happens.

1. Ironically, when Unferth goes to sleep Grendel carries him home to Hrothgar and leaves him on the steps untouched. He describes inner heroism like self-esteem. I dont believe Unferth is a hero at all, but I do believe he is brave.

. Up until chapter 7 Grendels voice is intelligent and concise after that it becomes the exact opposite. The way Gardner gives examples of this is by showing the errors hes made with the text. The significance of Grendels manipulation of names shows what is happening to him.

. There is a new younger king who also has a hall nearby, and this king is beginning to burn down halls. In the end the young king gives his sister Wealtheow as a treasure to Hrothgar.

4. The young kings gift to Hrothgar affects Grendel in the same way as the Shaper because the both think Wealthow is beautiful and it hurts them on the inside.

5. Grendel and his mother reached a grim parallel in their relationship that some what divided the two.

6. At the end of chapter 7 Grendel mourns the death of baby Grendel because its not that he literally died but changed into a man, not a child anymore.

7. Hrothulfs true nature believes hes on a higher level than everybody else. The old mans role is to support and help King Hrothgar.

8. Grendel says of Hrothgar that he confuses him, and being around him causes an unpleasant emotion. That one description tells me, that the two really have no relationship, but if one at all isnt good.

. I believe that the tree analogy splits Hrothgars words into verses, which turns his simple words into a more organized powerful speech.

0. The metaphor Grendel uses to describe winter is calling it the years darkest night. This shows Grendel is very unhappy about winter. I think the battle with Beowulf is what frightens Grendel so.

1. I do agree that beauty requires contrast, and that discord is fundamental to the creation of new intensities of feeling. I believe it would be impossible to have beauty without contrast.

. Several examples of Beowulfs impending visit are Hrothgar resting (for battle) the guards at arms, and Grendel being restless in a time he is usually very tired and weary.

. I agree with the author that tedium is a pain, however I do not agree that tedium is the worst pain.

4. Grendel believes that Beowulf is truly dangerous and cant decide whether he is afraid or not of him and his people.

5. Grendels surprising realization of Beowulf is that he and Hrothgar are close and, Beowulf is like a son to Grendel. I prefer the more evil warrior like character of Beowulf.

6. When Grendel realizes he is going to die, he feels weak and wondering what people will think about him and his death. His explanation for his defeat is it was an accident.

7. The Beowulf epic is basically a tale of pure good vs. pure evil, but John Gardner version gives a more different and in my opinion more realistic view of the story. The reason Gardners version is more realistic is because there are people who are pure evil but no one is pure good.

8. I do feel sympathy with Grendel because of his death. However if the story was told by a third person narrator, I think I would have less sympathy for Grendel because with the story being in first person Grendels inner and true thoughts are expressed more.

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