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me myself and i

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this is me myslef and i amd i do not have a good essay right now but i can update and change it later

Johannes from Mathematics Teaching In The Middle School vol. no. pg 70

This article was almost inspirational to me. It showed a different way to use portfolios as well as to get parents more involved in their children’s education. This article was about using portfolios in math as a tool for better assessment of students. It talks about how portfolios show both the strength and weaknesses of the child but more than that the progress the child has made throughout the year. Instead of having a one chance test the student has the opportunity to really master a concept and see through the changing portfolio how much he or she has grown. The point of the portfolio was to put more weight on the progress of the students than the final answer and not try to focus so much on a letter grade as well as bring the home and school closer together.

To make the portfolio curriculum the math teachers designed a standard based strategy but not in the traditional way. Instead of starting with the lesson the started with the goal wand worked their way backwards to create an interactive plan for the kids to do to reach it. In this case the teachers already knew that they wanted the kids to learn information needed for the standards. So they just worked from there on how to achieve that goal through what assignments to give and methods to use in teaching. As I was reading this I thought what a wonderful idea it would be to use this in my classroom. Using a portfolio seems like a good assessment tool as well as a way to help the kids in class stay organized and on top of their work. As the article points out it is a way to see who may need not help or a different method of teaching as well as who can move onto more challenging things. I think that it can be a risky thing to do as well though. If you yourself are not organized than the portfolio project may collapse and you will have a hard time trying to rework your curriculum. To make the portfolios work you would need to have a lot of patience and a lot of time. When talking about the steps for an assessment about Kristine Britton’s class working with different size pipe cleaners trying to make triangles it was very objective at times and seemed very time consuming. I think that is a good thing to know before going into something like this.

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The article also talked about how the portfolio was used to bring the students closer with their parents. As part of the portfolio the children had to go home and show their parents the portfolio and together they had to fill out a form about it. With this

“Portfolios and a Backward Approach to Assessment” by Kristine Britton and Jennifer Johannes from Mathematics Teaching In The Middle School vol. no. pg 70

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