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Christian Science: A Reason to Die?

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Christian Science A Reason to Die?

Christian Science is the practice of healing illness and disease strictly through prayer and the belief that all disease are caused through a reflection on one’s character. Christian scientists do not go to doctors when they are sick, they pray. Many people have died from their illness because the simple fact that they neglect to help themselves or others through the use of modern medical practices. In this discussion, the problem is with the dying children. These children of the Christian Science church seem to be neglected in the eyes of people who do go to doctors and do get help when they are ill. From the readings, I have discovered that the parents of these children are, in essence, murderers. However, I am split between the decision of right and wrong and who goes where.

On one side, I cannot judge these people for the way they decide to live their lives or for what they choose to believe in. On the other, these children do not have the choice to make themselves well, but end up suffering for what their parents believe. Being a parent requires that your children are the number one priority, and measures must be taken to ensure their health and well being… before your own. On top of these children dying and suffering, the parents are exempt under the law because this is a “religious” practice. I am a firm believer in the separation of church and state, but when children are dying, someone needs to step in and do something. The stories of the girl with a watermelon-sized tumor in her leg, the boy who died from untreated diabetes after months of suffering, make me cringe. Not only do these children technically die for their parents not for the religion, but also their parents try to hide and cover up the fact when someone is ill.

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In the Christian Science church, illness is covered up because it is a reflection of moral character, or lack thereof. These people do not like the idea of being “out of character,” but more so on the notion that, if you are sick, you have done something wrong or against the practices of that church and its beliefs. These children that are getting sick and dying do not yet have the capability or the knowledge of knowing that there alternative religions in the world. They know what their parents have taught them. Other than that, this religion holds a very quiet and sheltered life from the outside world. As stated in the readings, parents told their children that the pain they feel is not a part of “God’s world.” To me this somewhat seems like the brainwashing of these children. I could not imagine trying to hide the pain and agony from watermelon-sized tumors in my leg, and on top of that having to feel that I did something wrong and that is how I got it. I think its silly to believe that God would punish young, innocent children by giving them a terminal illness.

In my opinion, these children can be raised whichever way their parents see fit, but when the child’s life is in jeopardy or even suffering, there needs to be some intervention. As we know the number of Christian Science members is on the decline, someone has to realize that there needs to be some changes made. For instance, there needs to be some allowance for medical assistance, especially for the children. If changes cannot be made, there needs to be some type of regulation and protection for the kids. It is inhumane to allow these children to suffer in the name of God. I grew up in the Catholic Church and although there is a lot of things I have been taught I do not believe in, I do believe God promotes life and all things in it.

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