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As a Turkic/Muslim nation, Azerbaijan has been independent since the fall of the Soviet Union in the year 11. Even so, this country is still having problems with a fight that broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenia in 188, over Nagorno-Karabakh, a Azerbaijani enclave that is heavily populated by Armenians. This country is one of the worlds oldest oil producing countries. During World War II, about 500,000 barrels per day were produced in the Azerbaijani Soviet Republic. Its capital, Baku, is one of this countries largest cities. Baku is divided into 11 districts and 48 townships. This city is a big culture and education center, it has a university and other places for learning. One of these school is specializes in petroleum and chemical industries.


Azerbaijan is located in Southern Asia along the Caspian Sea, it is between Russia and Iran. The total area is 86,600sq.km, 500sq km being water and 86,10osq km being land. The climate of this country varies from some areas being dry and desert like, others are humid, there is also a area that is mountain tundra climate. Almost half of Azerbaijan is rugged mountains along wit deep river valleys. Azerbaijan has roughly 500 miles of the Caspian Sea coastline, about 1,50 rivers, and over 50 lakes. Nearly 4,100 species of plants have been found in the large forests that cover 5. million acres. Also, over 1,000 kinds of animals have been acknowledged, such as mountain goats, leopards, bear, and lynx.

Azerbaijan has for natural preserves. The Zakataly Preserve for the security of ancient forests and mountain meadows also the Dagestan bison. The Turkmenchay Preserve to protect the delicate dry soil and juniper/pistachio forests. Another preserve is the Eldar Preserve which protects old pins , the Kyzylagach Preserve protects winter area for migrating birds.

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Baku is 56 feet below sea level. It is located by the northern shore of the Bay of Baku in the Apsheron Peninsula which goes all the way to the Caspian Sea. Although Baku is not a high risk area for earthquakes, it does come across extreme temperatures. The winters are cold with bad winds and little rain, whereas the summers bring a harsh flood of mosquitoes and flies.


Azerbaijan has always relied on imports for raw materials, most coming from the previous Soviet republics. The food industry in Azerbaijan in the year 11, had 1 percent total industrial production. Light industry had 1 percent, energy industry had 1 percent, and the machine building had percent. Wine making controls the food industry of Azerbaijan, taking up about 50 percent. A city in Azerbaijan just north of Baku, Sumgait, is the nations core for steel, iron, and other metal related industries. Soviet-era Azerbaijan Oil Machinery Company controls all of the countries oil tools for industry.


The main part of Baku’s economy is petroleum, it is also its biggest export, this city ranks as one of the biggest places in the production of oil industry equipment. The vast economy of Azerbaijan is founded on the use of many mineral resources. Along with oil and gas, a great amount of iron ore, zinc ore, rock salt, gypsum, lime stone, clay and marble are used in industrial use. Early in the 10s economic production dropped significantly. Archeologists have found evidence that shows Baku was once an ancient settlement. During the 11th century Persia controlled this land, and through the 1th and 14th centuries Baku was taken captive by the Mongols. In the year 17, Peter I the Great of Russia seized the land but returned it to the Persians. Russia captured the area in 1806, and it became the capital of Azerbaijan in 10.


Azerbaijan’s government is based on the separation of powers between its three branches. The Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan establishes this type of government, and it is also the highest law in the country. The legislative branches run by the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The head of Parliament is the second highest official in the state, president is first. The Executive branch is taken care of by the President of Azerbaijan, he is chief executive and head of state. Judicial branch is independent, it goes by a independent court system. Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the highest court in the nation, likewise to the U.S. Supreme Court it has authority of judicial review. All citizens have the right to form and become part of political parties.


Azerbaijan’s history has shown that Iran has influence the country in religion and culture, but in language and in its ethnic Azerbaijan is Turkic. The official language is Azerbaijani, this is a Turkic language.

In the year 14 the was an estimate of about 8 percent of Azerbaijan’s people spoke Azerbaijani as there first language. Also about 8 percent speak Russian fluently. Many of the people who live in Nagorno-Karabakh speak Russian rather then Azerbaijani as there second language.


A prophet named Zoroaster established a religion that was focused on the struggle between a supreme god and an evil spirit. Arab invaders in the seventh century A.D. brought Islam into Azerbaijan, replacing Zoroastrianism and Azerbaijani cults. During the eighth and seventh centuries many Zoroastrians escaped Muslim discrimination and moved to India, there they were known as Parsis. The other largest official religion is Christianity, mainly being Russian Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic groups.


Every republic in the Soviet Union is given a national flag, all of them show a variation on the red all union banner with a gold star. Each republic separates each other flags by strips and ornaments.

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan all have a blue strip on there flags. Azerbaijan’s flag is the only one of this group that has a history. It has three strait lines blue and then red followed by green, it has a white crescent and an eight pointed star in the center of the red stripe.

The design of this flag is based on a banner that a political party of 117 had. The blue a traditional Turkic color represents the Turkic people. The green represents the Islam. And the red is the approval of European methods. The star and the crescent are a usual symbol of the Muslim nations. The Azerbaijan star has eight points to represent the eight Turkic peoples.


Azerbaijan’s transportation system is large for a country that is small. In the year 10 Azerbaijan had 6,700 kilometers of road, 1,800 kilometers of these were paved. One of the countries two main routes goes strait to the Caspian Sea coast From Russia to Iran passing through Baku. The other route goes west out of the capitol to the Georgian border. All important towns have a paved road that connects with one of the principal routes.

Azerbaijan had ,00 kilometers of railroad lines in 10, not including many small industrial lines. In the year 10 the rail system carried the majority of the country’s cargo. A small rail line begins west of Baku and is right on the Iranian border, it’s the only rail line that connects Azerbaijan’s Nakhichevab independent republic. Baku has a subway system with twenty-nine kilometers of heavy rail lines. It has eighteen stations and is placed in two lines that cross in the middle of the city.

In 1 Azerbaijan had twenty-six airfields. Baku International Airport is the country’s main airport. The number of passengers is higher in Azerbaijan than in Armenia and Georgia. Along with flights to Russia, Azerbaijan Airlines provide flights to Turkey and Iran.


In 11 about 644,000 telephone lines were in service, which allowed nine telephones per 100 people. At that time another 00,000 Azerbaijani people were waiting for telephone installation. In 1, Turkey gave support for the fixing of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization satellite in Baku. This gave access to 00 countries through Turkey. Azerbaijan receives Turkish and Iranian television programming by satellite, and domestic and Russian broadcasts are received locally.


Today, there are about 400,000 Azerbaijani Americans living in the United States, the majority of them being from the Southern part Azerbaijan. California, with a population of 100,000 Azerbaijani-Americans, has the largest Azerbaijani-American community in the U.S.. Washington D.C. and New York areas have the second largest population of Azerbaijani-Americans living in the United States. Many Azerbaijanis now living in the United States came here for their education they now have many professional positions. Recently, several cultural and social Azerbaijani organizations have appeared in North America.

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