Friday, 4 May 2012

i will later

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When i was a little kid, i often thought about how much school would be great once i was in high school, now ive come to realize that i was completely wrong in every single possible way. Especially spanish sucks. If i had dollar for every line ive recited from something written by Palinuk or Kerouak, I might have 40 bucks. Wow, im starting to think this is really not worth i=t to write an essay just so i can look at one thing for a reasearch paper i have to do, its not like im going to use it, that wouldnt be right, i just want to see how others have done it. I could probobly jus sit here and type the letter A all over and over again 50 times, but even i would get a little bored with that. Here, now is the part where I rant about how stipid boys and boyfriends are and sound like some 1 ear old girl that wears pink barrets, acts punk and has no idea what shes talking about. Are we at 50 yet? No i doubt it, but that wold be good. But yes, boys are no the smartest, and they can be trusted with anything, especially anything that belongs to you...especially your heart. Because they will take everything they can, on purpose or not and they will not be sorry at all, and you will regret for the rest of your life falling in stupid love with them. Because one day everything will be going fine then one day they do something so little and insignifigant that it pisses you off and sends you into a downward spiral of depresion, anxiety and hurt. YOu feel like they have ripped out your still beating heart and trampped on it right after they kissed you goodnight.

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