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Freud and his belief's

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Freud accounts the origin and the persistence among human beings, of religious belief on the account of human beings paranoia. He questions the religious doctrine by claiming these beliefs to be illusions. He feels that religion is a framework for human existence to react to inevitable helplessness and to exercise paranoia of wish fulfillment. These wishes can not be compelled to be true or to be believable. He believes that the riddles of our universe are slowly revealed at our own investigation. He claims to believe that religious doctrines make the questions in existence all to easy to answer. Yet logic or reason cannot refute these premises of religious doctrine. He felt that established religions’ moral teachings could be beneficial, but he also believed that individuals should find their own behavioral motivations within themselves rather then relying on any religion to instruct them how to conduct their own lives.

But the question is what if the religion that so many people have placed faith in had disappeared? Could the existence of man survive the hardships that all life endures with out the consultation of religion? It seems Freud believes that the embracement of religion is on the decline. Religion is wish-full thinking and by this Freud feels that religion has had its time to convey to the world what it can do for the human existence. Yet, the majority of people in society are still unhappy with their lives. It is unfortunate to think he does not support the following of religious belief yet I ask doesn’t religion account for the basis of societies moral stature? To answer this I feel Freud believes that morality comes with the growth of a human in their surroundings. A person must master their reality with their own resources along with allowing themselves to fall into their un-escapable fate.

William James claims to define his mystical states of consciousness as “real” experiences. These experiences tend to fade quickly as the experience is just out of reach in our memories. But he claims that some type of memory content always remains in tact. He claims that some of these mysticism’s come in variations of higher degree. The supernaturalism and optimism that persuade us gives insight into our lives. These mysticism’s give hypotheses and add a supersensuous meaning to the ordinary outward stem of consciousness. They are excitements to the mind as the emotion of love; it gives the facts of life new spirit and new meaning with a new perspective in our active life.

These things conveyed through William James about mysticism contradict Freud’s beliefs. The truth-value of all of these claims can be recognized through psychological nature. Freud asks if there is any reality at all behind religion because religion is derived from human society and those who created these doctrines. These mystical experiences claim to have truth and deception from James, yet Freud feels that the truth-values of these claims have no truth to these mystical experience what so ever. I feel he would say this because Freud is a man of logic and reason. He feels that all of mankind must grow out of their childhood state of life. This process may leave some illusions and wishes but these illusions can be corrected. Freud’s belief for faith in science and the acquisition of knowledge through verifiable experience reinforces his doubt of these mystical experiences as basis for religious belief.

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James belief’s about Freud’s scientific analysis of the origin and persistence of human beings’ belief in a Supreme Being is seen as a pessimistic view. James follows his beliefs through his support for his mystical experiences. The state of James’ “experiences” come through his sensory perception. These feelings of consciousness include memories and sensations that are hard to recall. The experience is one of unity with information defined as one’s self. This expansion of one’s self maybe beneficial as to help someone find themselves. The sensation increases to include more internal and external information that leads to some religious beliefs. People define the roots of these in their own existence. James I feel believes that to deny any conscious mysticism is to deny our existence at all, to give up our faith. Why must there be any evidence needed to prove these premises of life? Why is there a necessity to fill the void between scientific basis of belief and the religious belief? James is an optimist who feels that the mystical states of consciousness encompass a wide spectrum of beliefs so why deny them?

C.D. Broad views his belief to be very different of that from Freud’s’ view. Broad makes the comparison over the religious origin to that of a hearing impaired person tone deaf to any musical experiences. Because this person may be at a disadvantage of being able to experience such a thing does not give the premise for it’s false existence. This person may compound theories as to the existence and causation of musical experiences but his disability would tend to lead any that could hear to not believe his premises. The same is granted to religious experiences in that they convey the thoughts and ideology of those who have experienced a type of mysticism. Any who would convey their thoughts and ideas without any form of experience themselves could not be taken with serious regard.

Freud’s analysis is based upon our own scientific investigation where as Broad believes that the origin is created through those who have traced back religions to experiences. The outlines of these beliefs are fixed to a certain time and place by the founder who developed their experience to those of traditional values and beliefs. The mystics of their experiences are the basis of religion as compared to that of those who have yet to or may never have given validity to their beliefs.

Broad sentiments towards Freud’s beliefs are that of discontent. Broad feels that it is merely to simple to hold the religious experience of all of mankind to be some delusion. He supports by referring to all the religious experiences, no matter how diverse they are; all have the same similar premises. He can’t accept the fact that so many people of great ideology could be disillusioned. He continues with the comparison of those trained in particular fields to that f those who are un educated to an idea. A scientist attains a certain level of teaching through his learning’s and passes on his knowledge to those who are not on the same level of understanding. Broad makes the comparison to that of a person who undergoes meditation, this person is trained in his field and can pass on his own belief’s to those of not the same caliber.

In conclusion, of the three philosophers here Freud follows the path of scientific study as opposed to those of James and Broads views based upon mystical experiences. The beliefs contradict each other in the fact that one cannot be proven without any evidence while the other feels that there have been so many experiences that to ignore them is to ignore any evidence of god.

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