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The Chalenge facing future administators

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Ten Challenges Facing Future Administrators

Schools in the 1st century will have many more differences than likenesses to those of Jesse Stuart s first classroom. I see the multi-age being the most like schools of the past.

1) Something likely to change in education even more quickly than technology is interdisciplinary instruction - a term I struggle to define but will call any instruction that integrates material from more than one discipline in a given project. The major push behind this type of instruction is the standards movement. Interdisciplinary instruction offers the appealing prospect of including two or more sets of standards in a given set of activities. I long for the day of the thread when it was important to teach the Rs!

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Because of being small and independent, charter schools can act quickly, avoiding the sometimes cumbersome and slow processes of the central office. But also, because they are small and independent, they often lack specialized knowledge and their lack of expertise in business and finance has already caused a number of them to fail. However, I still see a push for the charter schools.

) Soaring into the future, the use of the word technology seems to get everyones attention. The bells and whistles are all there, dynamite graphics, cute interactivity, and even jangling music but much of this was created by techies who havent a clue about how kids really learn. If technology is to increase in the future there needs to be suitable infrastructure. Most schools dont have anything close to the wiring required to handle the new and sophisticated information techniques. The problem I see at present is a loss of creativity until the suitable infrastructure can be installed.

) Remember a time when we had a special education and regular education department? I see, with the role of inclusion becoming more prevalent, the blending of special education with regular education. Isnt this the way Stuart educated his children?

4) The lack of funding is a problem today, and I do not foresee it becoming any better in the future. With special education becoming more and more expensive, as well as everything else, it is always going to be a challenge to attain adequate funding. We already see the effects of the lack of funding in the northeast, where they are already making student athletes pay a huge fee to participate in athletics.

5) Administrators in the future will have a hard time finding teachers. With the lack of funding, teachers salary will not attract quality teachers. Also keeping the staff motivated will be extremely difficult. The morale of teachers is getting lower and lower, therefore motivating staff is extremely difficult.

6) Parental involvement is already a challenge today. In the future I see more and more single parent multi-sibling households where no parent is accessible. The lack of parental involvement is the beginning of more and more challenges for administrators. Without the support from the home, it is hard for the school to accomplish many things.

7) I also see the role of the teacher changing to that of a facilitator of knowledge rather than a lecturer. Organization will be ever more obvious in the future with such a vast array of sources available.

8) We can already see the trend in schools to be a community outreach building with nurses, psychologists, and the large number of services presently offered. With this I see an increased workday, teacher shortages (along with principal) and school districts going to the employment of part-time professionals.

) I believe the future of education will lead us to acceptance of national standards and in order to meet these, interdisciplinary instruction will be of the essence. Technology will be a valuable tool when properly in place, but there will be no earth-shattering discovery that can take the place of love, care and personal attention given that of a teacher like Jesse Stuart and myself.

10) Finally motivating students to want to learn will be a big challenge. This goes back to the challenge above with parents, as well as many other things. Safety is a huge concern for everyone, and the school is the only safe haven for many kids. However, many kids are not motivated at home, and therefore see no reason to learn at school. They probably plan on being like their parents who most likely have at the most a high school education, if even that. Students are already saying, Ill just get my GED, I dont need to know this stuff! With this type of attitude it is the challenge of the administrator to keep these children motivated.

With all these challenges in mind, administrators must be persistent hard workers. I feel that a challenge is good, and that it is our responsibility to lead these children and give them every opportunity to succeed.

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