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A tessellation is described as patterns formed by using repetition to the figures to fill a plane without gaps or overlapping. Turning, flipping, or moving the figure can form these tessellations. We usually call these figures polygons. When one polygon is used to form a patter it is usually called a regular tessellations. When two or more polygons are used in the same order we call it a semi-regular tessellation. A dictionary will usually tell you that the word “tessellate” means to form or arrange and when you tessellate you make a tessellation.

A triangle has an angle measure of 60 degrees. A square has an angle measure of 0 degrees. A pentagon has an angle measure of 108 degrees. A hexagon has an angle measure of 10 degrees. If it has more that 6 sides then it has an angle measure of more than 10. Since the regular polygons in a tessellation must fill the plane at each vertex, the interior angle must be an exact division of 60 degrees.

A famous artist who used tessellations was Maurits Cornelis Escher he was born on June 17, 188 in Leenwardon, Netherlands. He was born to George Arnold Escher and Sarah Gleichman Escher. M.C. was the youngest out of the Escher family. After a few years Escher moved with his family to Arnhem. During his high school years he failed his final exam and never graduated. In 11 M.C. had to attend a religious school where he met Bas Kist. Both Bas Kist and M.C. Escher were very involved with art and printing techniques. After finishing school he traveled through Italy, where he met his wife Jetta Umiker, whom he married in 14. They settled in Rome, where they stayed until 15. During these 11 years Escher would travel each year throughout the country and paint various prints when he would return home. M.C. Escher’s prints and tessellations are admired by the people of today.

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