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The 80's

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January th Jimmy Durante, comedian, dies at age 86.

January th After hiding for three months, six Americans escape Tehran, Iran. The U.S. Embassy had been seized leaving the Americans trapped in Iran. In collaboration with the Canadian Embassy, the Americans were able to leave posing as Canadian diplomats.

March 11th Dr. Herman Tarnower, author of Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet was murdered. Jean Harris, mistress of Tarnower, was the lead suspect.

March 1st Carter announces that the U.S. will not participate in the Moscow Olympics.

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March 8th Mount St. Helens, a volcano in Washington begins emitting ash, steam, and rocks.

March 8th Oil platform collapses in North Sea after a bad storm. Of the 00 on board, less than 100 were rescued as of the 8th.

April 14th Fidel Castro withdraws guards from Peruvian Embassy. About 10,000 Cuban refugees flee to embassy. The embassy cannot facilitate all the refugees so Carter allows ,500 Cubans into the U.S.

April 8th Attempt to rescue hostages in Tehran fail. A helicopter carrying 8 servicemen crashes after colliding into a plane. All 8 men were killed.

April th Alfred Hitchcock dies at age 88.

May 1th Mount St. Helens erupts. It is the first American eruption in over 60 years.

June 10th Richard Pryor almost dies after a mixture of cocaine and ether exploded in his face.

July 17th Ronald Reagan chooses Bush as running-mate. Ford was expected to run with Reagan.

August 14th After Edward Kennedy pulls out, Carter wins presidential nomination at Democratic National Convention.

September nd Polish workers form labor union Solidarity. Starts the breakdown of the Soviet Union.

September 0th Iran and Iraq go to war (the seven year war).

November 4th Reagan elected 40th president.

November 7th Steve McQueen, actor, dies of cancer at age 50.

December 8th John Lennon fatally shot by a fan outside his Manhattan apartment.


181 NEWS

January 0th Reagan sworn in as over 50 Iranian hostages board plane on their return to the U.S.

January 4th Millions of Polish members of the Solidarity Union strike to support a five day work week.

January 1st 5 Iran hostages return to the U.S. after 444 days.

Febuary 4th Jean Harris is found guilty of murdering Dr. Herman Tarnower.

March 6th Carol Burnett wins her libel suit against The National Enquirer. She donated her $1.6 million to charities.

March 0th Reagan and three others are shot during assassination attempt. John Hinckley Jr. was arrested.

April 11th Reagan is released from hospital after assassination attempt.

April 1th Many black teenagers riot in Brixton, a southern part of London. The riots were attributed to racial tensions, poor economy, and unemployment.

April 14th The Columbia space craft orbits earth for the first time. It orbited 6 times in 55 hours.

May 1th Pope shot in St. Peters during an assassination attempt.

June 1st Wayne Williams is charged for the serial murders of 8 black children and young adults.

June 4th Israel destroys Iraqi nuclear reactor.

July 7th Sandra Day O Connor is nominated for the Supreme Court. She will be the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

July 7th Solar powered airplane flies over the English Channel.

July 18th Two suspended walkways collapse at the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City. Over 100 are killed.

July th Prince Charles and Lady Diana wed at St. Pauls Cathedral amongst some ,500 guests.

July th Reagan proposed 5% tax cut is approved.

August 6th Reagan fires Patco workers. The firing occurred after the 1,000 air traffic controllers refused to go back to work, despite an order by Federal Judge Harold Greene. During the strike, about half of all flights were grounded.

October 6th Anwar el-Sudat, Egyptian leader, is assassinated in Cairo.

November 5th Sweden releases a Soviet submarine after capturing it ten days prior.

November th Natalie Wood drowns off the coast of California. Many believe her death isnt an accident.

December AIDS is identified.

18 NEWS [top]

January 1th 78 people die when a Boeing 77 crashes into the icy Potomac River.

March 5th John Belushi of Second City and Saturday Night Live fame dies. Drugs are suspected for the year olds death.

March 16th Claus von Bulow is found guilty of trying to murder his wife. Von Bulow gave his wife a double dose of insulin. Von Bulow was to inherit $14 million from her.

March 5th Sandinista suspends all civil rights for 0 days in Nicaragua.

April 0th U.S. sides with Britian by condemning Argentina for its invasion of the Falkland Islands.

June nd Prince William, son of Charles and Diana, is born.

June th Israeli forces invade Lebanon.

July 16th Over 4,000 wed in mass marriage at Madison Square Garden.

July rd Vic Morrow and two children die when helicopter crashes into them during the filming of The Twilight Zone movie.

August 1th Henry Fonda, actor, dies.

August rd Israel eject over 1,000 Palestinian guerrillas from Beirut.

September 10th Princess Grace of Monaco, also known as former actress Grace Kelly, died due to a car accident in Monte Carlo.

October 5th Tylenol taken off the market after 8 people die due to deliberate contamination of the product.

November 10th Leonid Brezhnev, leader of the Soviet Union, dies in Moscow at age 78.

December nd Barney Clark is the first recipient of a permanent artificial heart.


18 NEWS [top]

February 14 General Motors and Toyota agree on joint production in the United States

March 8th Reagan denounces the Soviet Union by saying that its the focus of evil in a modern world.

March rd Reagan proposes a satellite based defense system to counter Inter Continental Ballistic Missile attacks.

April 14th Reagan says that money spent to support CIA covert operations in Nicaragua was legal.

April 18th The U.S. Embassy in Beirut is bombed.

May 4th Reagan voices support for Contras.

June th Margaret Thatcher wins second term as Prime Minister of Britain.

June 4th Sally Ride becomes the first woman to go to space.

July 4th Iraq claims that the United States gave weapons to Iranians.

August 1st Benigno Aquino Jr. assassinated.

September 1st The Soviet Union shoots down a Korean Airlines 747.

September 17th Vanessa Williams becomes the first black Miss America.

October 5th Over 00 American Marines are killed in bombing in Beirut.

October th Millions of Europeans, fearing eminent nuclear warfare, protest the NATO deployment of additional US missiles in Europe.

October 1st Almost ,000 American Marines restore order in Grenada.


184 NEWS [top]

January 6th Texaco buys Getty Oil for $10 billion.

March 0th $500 million offered to Argentina to help payoff debts owed to the United States.

April 1st Marvin Gaye killed by father.

May 8th Soviets decide to boycott the summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

May 17th Federal Reserve Board proposes a $7.5 billion loan to save Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company.

May rd First findings on the effects of second hand smoke

July 1th Walter Mondale chooses Gerry Ferraro as running mate. Ferraro becomes the first woman to run for vice president.

July 18th 0 killed during a shooting rampage in San Ysidro, California.

July 1st James Fixx, author of books based on running, dies of a heart attack while jogging.

July rd Vanessa Williams resigns from her position as Miss America due to nude pictures in Penthouse. It is the first resignation in the history of the pageant.

July 6th A $4.5 billion loan is given to the Continental Illionis National Bank and Trust Company.

August 16th John Delorean arrested in a cocaine sting by FBI.

August 1st Almost one million demonstartors march in Manilla a year after Aquinos murder to protest president Ferdinand Marcos.

August nd Reagan and Bush are nominated during the Republican National Convention to represent the Republicans in the 184 presidential race.

August 1st Almost 100 close do not start school on time due to the failure to remove asbestos from classrooms.

September 8th Contras raises over $10 million.

October 6th Baby Fae becomes the first recepient of a baboon heart.

October 1st Indira Gandhi, Indias Prime Minister, was murdered by her own security guards.

November 6th Reagan and Bush sweep all but Minnesota and D.C. to win reelection.

December rd Over ,000 killed in Bhopal, India due to a gas leak.

December 10th Bishop Desmond Tutu is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


185 NEWS [top]

Febuary 5th David Lange, New Zealands Prime Minister announces that due to the countrys anti-nuclear policy, he will not permit an American warship.

February 8th Frances Pasteur Institute finds a new drug that causes the AIDS symptoms to temporarily disappear.

March 17th Capital Cities Communications buys American Broadcasting Company for $.5 billion.

April rd The Coca-Cola Corporation announces that it will release its new formula for the soft drink Coke within the next month.

April th Reagan decides to visit Bitburg cemetery where the graves of Nazi SS Soldiers reside.

May 15th Police drop bomb on Philadelphia radical group headquarters and in turn causes community to burn.

June 1st Body of Joseph Mengele found near Sao Paolo, Brazil. Nicknamed the Angel of Death, Mengele aided in the torture of 4 million Jews in Auschwitz.

June rd Sikh extremist group bombs an Indian jetliner killing all on board.

June 0th TWA hostages freed after 17 days.

July rd Israel release 00 Shiites.

July 10th Greenpeaces Rainbow Warrior is sunk by French couple.

July 16th New Jersey teens hacked into Pentagons computer.

July 1st Treasure Salvors recover treasure from the Atocha.

August 1st Manville Corporation will pay $.5 billion due to thousands of health claims due to asbestos.

August 7th Ted Turner buys MGM and United Artists for $1.5 billion in cash. He does not however buy CBS.

August nd Over 700 people killed in August alone due to plane crashes marking 185 as the worst year in commercial flight history.

September 1st Titanic found in Atlantic.

September 1th Ariane III, French rocket, explodes nine minutes into flight.

September 1st 7.8 earthquake hits Mexico City killing thousands.

October nd Rock Hudson dies of AIDS at 5.

October 1th Orson Welles dies at age 70.

October 0th Palestinians hijack Italian cruise ship.

November th Crack, a type of Cocaine becomes the drug of choice in New York City.

December 10th Texaco ordered to pay $11 billion in damages due to interfering with Pennzoils plans to buy Getty Oil in 184.

December 1th Jetliner carrying American soldiers home for the holidays crashes.

December 0th Palestinian terrorists kill 14 people total in attacks at Rome and Vienna airports.


186 NEWS [top]

January 8th Christa McAuliffe, along with six astronauts die when the space shuttle Challenger explodes 74 seconds after liftoff. McAuliffe was to be the first ordinary citizen in space. The event prompted Reagan to make a stronger commitment to space exploration.

February 10th After 0 years as President for Life in Haiti, Jean-Claude Duvalier fled to France. In result, Haitians rioted in celebration.

February 11th Anatoly Shcharansky, along with three others, are freed after eight years in Soviet labor camps. In exchange, the United States and West Germany released 5 prisoners.

February 7th After dictating the Philippines for 0 years, Ferdinand Marcos fleas allowing Corazon Cory Aquino to become president.

March 4th Kurt Waldheim, former Secretary General of the United Nations and candidate for the Austrian presidency, is accused by the World Jewish congress of serving in a German army command during World War II.

March 6th Georgia O’Keefe, an American artist known for her paintings of New Mexico, dies at 8

March 1st The south wing of King Henry VIII’s palace is partially destroyed. The damage done to the palace, one of Britain’s most famous buildings, is irreplaceable.

April 1st Reagan is supported in his decision to bomb to areas of Libya. The attack was supposedly a response to the bombing of a West Berlin discotheque.

April 6th Chernobyl, a Ukrainian nuclear power plant, is the site of one of the worst nuclear power accidents in history. Three nearby cities are evacuated.

July 4th A 0 minute firework show along with a French jet fighter display help celebrate the Statue of Liberty’s 100th birthday.

July 8th Classic Coke is reintroduced after New Coke’s 10 week run on the market.

December rd The Voyager, a two manned airplane, made a trip around the world in days. The Voyager not only required one tank of gas, but set a world record.


187 NEWS [top]

January rd The numbers of farms decrease by nine percent since 175. That and other problems cause the farming industry to enter the worst depression in 50 years.

February 4th Liberace, 57, dies of AIDS.

February 15th New superconductive compound is found. The new discovery can be used with numerous technologies.

February rd Andy Warhol dies at 56 after routine gall bladder surgery. He is best know for his Campbell soup can designs and his silk screen reproductions.

March 11th Four New Jersey high school dropouts die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in an apparent suicide.

March 0th Jim Bakker, a televangelist, resigns after admitting to an affair.

April Restoration of the Sistine chapel continues despite controversy.

May 8th Gary Hart withdraws from the presidential race after his relationship with young model, Donna Rice, is revealed.

May nd An Iraqi air strike leads to the deaths of 7 American soldiers abroad the USS Stark.

May 0th A young West German flies a Cessna 400 miles through Soviet air space to land beside the Kremlin in the Red Square.

June nd Fred Astaire dies at age 88.

August 5th Wall Street enjoys record high trading.

September 17th Celebration in Philadelphia to mark the 00th birthday of the Constitution of the United States.

October 1st Los Angeles hit by a 6.1 earthquake, causing little turmoil.

October 16th After being stuck in a well shaft for three days in Midland, Texas, Jessica McClure is rescued.

October 1th The United States open fires on three Iranian oil platforms in retaliation for Iranian attacks on ships in the Persian Gulf.

October 0th Dow falls 508 points exceeding the crash of 1.

November 18th After seven months, the Iran-contra report is released putting ultimate responsibility and blame on Reagan.


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