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She should have been king

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In the past, male rules were always the center of attention, and of course, the females were overlooked. Women were better politicians, decision makers, advisors, and better rulers than their husbands. Among those women was Catherine (Katharine) of Aragon. In this essay, I will talk about this particular woman’s character, personality, family background, marriage, how she shaped English history, and what influence she had on England and its people.

Catherine’s birth took place on December 16, 1485, at Alcala de Henares, in the archbishop of Toledo’s palace. Catherine was born to parents, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile. Her mother and father’s marriage had a very powerful effect on Europe. Their marriage changed Spanish history because it united the Kingdom of Spain and this resulted in successfully getting rid of the Moors from Granada. Catherine was only years old when her parents decided she would marry Arthur Prince of Wales. The contract was signed and Catherine was being prepared for her new husband. This marriage was essential for the Tudor family because the Plantagenet family wanted the throne Henry (Tudor) was now sitting on. Henry VII married Edward IV’s daughter who gave him a male child in 1486. Henry VII wanted to strengthen, secure, and validate his position of a King. In order for that to happen, the male heir had to wed the Spanish Princess, Catherine. The Spanish advisors once said, “bearing in mind what happens every day to Kings of England, it was surprising that Ferdinand and Isabella should dare give their daughter at all” (pg 17) Despite the criticism from Spanish advisors, Henry VII thought it was well worth swallowing an insult to ensure his throne.

Isabella of Castile was a very intelligent person and she made sure her daughters were not deprived of the royal advantage, an education.. The children could fluently speak Latin, for it was still “the language of international diplomacy” (pg 11). They were also educated in subjects such as history and philosophy. Catherine might not have been quick but she was wise because she succeeded in almost everything she tried. But there was an important mission she was not able to accomplish. Catherine could not give England a son it so badly needed.

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A few weeks after Catherine’s arrival in England, she and Arthur got married, but Arthur was a very ill child and passed away soon after the marriage. Catherine was then decided to marry Arthur’s younger brother, Henry who was only 10 years old . Since Henry was so young and Catherines dowry was not fully paid yet, the wedding was postponed for 7 yrs. Henry and Catherine were to be wed only when Henry turns 15 and dowry has been paid in full. During those 7 years, Catherine was mistreated by her father-in-law. It was so bad Catherine wrote to her father asking to come back home and she would obey his decision. But his decision was to leave Catherine where she was and let her grow in her new home. So during that time, Catherine had to learn to deal with her father-in-laws harshness and mistreatment. This experience is what taught her to be such a great diplomat. Catherine had never complained to anyone but she was hopeful something would change. The change came 7 years later in 1510 when Henry VII passed away. His death allowed Henry to wed Catherine without having to pay the dowry first. Shortly after Henry VIIs coronation, Henry and Catherine got married. Henry VIII took the throne at the age of 18, married to year old Catherine.

Catherine and Henry had opposite personalities and interests. Catherine was very intelligent, diplomatic, patient and disciplined. Henry was careless, disorganized and a big spender. Yet, there was affection and love present. Catherine, however still had trouble with English, and Latin was different, which caused her and Henry not to communicate as much. Despite these differences, their marriage worked. Henry always turned to Catherine for advice. She helped him make crucial decisions and pushed for English Foreign Policy.

The same year the couple got married, Catherine got pregnant but their son died at birth. But Catherine did not give up. In 1511, she was pregnant again but her child died 5 days after birth. Then two years later, Catherine got pregnant again but had a miscarriage. Three years later in 1515, they had a boy but he died several days after birth. Finally, in 1516 the Queen of England gave birth to a child that survived. But the child was a girl and a girl was not what Henry wanted. So Henry and Catherine kept trying. Catherine was pregnant twice more but neither baby survived.

Catherine devoted her love and care to her only child, Mary. She withdrew from society and was very concentrated on giving Mary everything she could give. Mary was educated in a Catholic manner. Even though Henry wanted a son, he was not disappointed with the daughter. He still had hopes a son would come along one day. But Henrys patience wore thin. He began having extramarital affairs on the side and impregnated one of his mistresses, Elizabeth Blount. She gave Henry the son he always wanted. His illegitimate son was proof Catherine was responsible for not being able to have a son, not him.

Catherine had become very withdrawn. However, people loved her very much. They were fond of her because she had done a lot of charity business, and pushed for education quite persistent. By mid 150’s, Catherine was completely withdrawn from the society.

Henry now had a few mistresses. It was when he met a woman named Anne Boleyn that his and Catherine’s lives would change forever. The King had the tendency to fall in and out of love rather quickly. Anne Boleyn was able to keep Henry out of her bedroom unlike other mistresses. But that intrigued Henry even more because he took that as a challenge. His desires were not satisfied which created lots of tension and now Henry was determined to marry this woman. But that meant he first had to get a divorce because he was still married to Catherine.

Henry was trying to think of the best ways to get a divorce. But then, he thought of a good “excuse”. Hi marriage with Catherine was an incestuous one because she was his sister-in-law. She was married to his older brother Arthur Prince of Wales, and therefore she was like his sister. Incestuous marriages were not allowed by the Church. Now Henry was asking for an annulment, not a divorce, for his marriage to Catherine was not really a marriage at all. The Pope was to grant the annulment, but at that time it was a rather nerve racking time, because Charles V, who was Catherine’s cousin, was in Italy. The Church was afraid of what he might do. This caused the Pope to delay his decisions due to his fears. Henry and Wolsey, Henry’s great advisor, pushed for the annulment as hard as they could. Wolsey was not liked by anyone except the King, because he was for annulment. People loved Catherine and evidently did not want her marriage to be annulled. By the end of 150s, Henry had become very impatient and furious with the Church. To make matters worse, Wolsey died in 150.

In the summer of 15, the Pope appointed the court to gather and make a decision about Henry VIIIs marriage to Catherine. Wolsey and Catherine were both present. Wolsey was not allowed to participate, he played a role of a bystander. Catherine was there to defend her right as a wife. She declared that her first marriage was not consummated and therefore her marriage to Henry was not an incestuous one. Catherine fought vigorously for her husband, but all her attempts to save their marriage were unsuccessful. Finally in 15, the marriage was annulled.

Henry wasn’t a “kingly” King. He had put England in debt only for his advisors to pull it back out of debt. He didn’t care much about England and its people. Yet, he loved himself very much. He thought he was next door to God. Henry took all the credit for all the positive changes in England. He did not deserve the throne. If anyone should have been King, it is Catherine of Aragon.

Catherine’s last years were spent in sadness and suffering. She was often ill. Her title, The Queen of England was taken away, and she was now referred to as Princess dowager of Wales. She remained a true Catholic till the last day of her life. She died on January 7,156 in Kimbolton Castle. Catherine was buried with a ceremony according to her new title, not as The Queen of England.. In her last letter to Henry, she stated that she had loved him deeply and forgiven him his mistakes, and signed it Katharine the Queen. She was said to have “a quality of mind…” (pg1). Catherine remained the loyal wife and Queen of England till the day she died.

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