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Poe as a Hero

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Tone is a very important key when it comes to writing short stories. Tone is identified as a manner of expression in speech or writing, and Edgar Allan Poe shows an interesting tone to his audience through his many works of literature. Tone also tells of the author feelings and expressions. In the short stories examined, I have noticed that his works consist of anger, rage, and revenge. I get the impression of a dark dreary place with no signs of life with freaky things all around. His stories are full of suspense that keeps his audience on the edge of their seats, anticipating to know what’s next. His particular style of writing may be a result of his tragic childhood and a rough life dealing with many hardships throughout.

In the three works, “The Fall of the House of Usher”, “The Cask of Amontillado”, and “The Raven”, they have all contained many examples of Poe’s tones. His stories never seem to in end in a calm peaceful manner. Instead they finish in dark, violent, shocking scenes that astound his viewers. His stories are sometimes left unanswered with no explanation for some of the actions that take place in the stories. In “The Fall of the House of Usher”, Poe uses a very creepy tone. The man that lives with his sister in the old mansion has gone insane and his sister has an incurable disease. The man named Roderick buried his twin sister Madeline thinking that she was dead. Then, at the end, Madeline arises form her coffin and scares her brother to death. Then that old beat up house crumbles to the ground signifying death. In, “The House of Amontillado”, the tone is that of hate and revenge. Montressor wants to get even with Fortunato by getting him drunk downstairs and killing him. He barricades him in the wall and lets him die of starvation or fright, whichever were to come first. This action shows feelings of hate and strong dislike towards his friend. Montressor seems to takes things very personally as his family motto states, “No one can harm me unpunished”. Finally in the last story covered, “The Raven”, this story is also about revenge from the Raven that haunts the man constantly, making him go insane. He sits upon the perch staring down at the man not giving him any peace. The Raven seems to be unconquerable for the old man. Finally the man falls to the ground knowing he has failed.

In conclusion, all these stories tell me that anger can sometimes be taken too seriously with many crucial outcomes. All the characters are persistent in their intentions and follow them out precisely. And payback has never been more distinguished in my perspective. His short stories were very entertaining and fun to read. His style was different from the ordinary which made it very unique and a new experience for me as well. I liked the idea of creativity and something you would never expect to happen. The irony was very well presented and easily identified. His feelings and emotions contribute to the fact that he has been abandoned before many times by his uncle that he came to live with so he decided to incorporate that into his works. His main purpose was deliver mind chilling tales and inform at the same time. His choices of words are sometimes hard to understand when reading but quotes and phrases help to determine what exactly is going on in the story. Edgar Allan Poe is a very good writer and I’m interested in what other tales he has to tell.

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