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By Virginia R. Rodgers

I thought that this story was quite boring and very uninteresting. I couldn’t follow along with this story at all because I would fall asleep every time I tried. I finished it though after awhile, even at the end of the story I’m not sure what it was about. I know that Beowulf fought Grendel, Grendel’s mom, and a dragon.

My opinion is that I think that there was no point to this story, I’m not quite sure why it’s in an English textbook and why we were suppose to read it. I suppose that there was the point that he was a hero. I guess that was good. Every one needs a hero; I’m not quite sure who my hero is. While reading Beowulf and how he is a hero made me think of last year’s tragic day of September 11, 001 it was very sad and all I could think about was the fire fighters and the people and the pilots that risked or did take there lives. If anyone should be called real hero’s its would be them. Everyone that was around when this tragic day happened will always think of those heroes’s. Know those hero’s are the ones we should be reading and doing reports about real hero’s not boring and fairytale heroes.

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I suppose a lot of people did like this story and liked everything about it, but you told us to write about what we thought of the story and this is what I thought. I just think that it would be more real, educational, and fun if we wrote about whom we thought were real heroes and not fake.

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