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evironment vs heredity

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Environment played a big role in my building character. I lived in my Miami for fifteen years of my life. Miami is an extremely large city where you have to watch her back. I was very tough hearted when it came to the outside. Never said hi to a stranger, never walked alone, and very alert. To be cool you had to be bad, so I began to be bad. The environment influenced me into a different character (not a good one). Soon enough, my mother had enough when I was at age fifteen. She sent me to Georgia to live with my aunt. The environment was completely different. It was strict, well mannered, and behaved. I have good characteristics that I was born with; I just needed an environment to compliment it. Living in Georgia changed my life. I began to go to school and enjoyed it. I spoke properly and politely. I went back into soccer. Good grades started coming in. It was easier in Georgia because the environment is not as distracting as Miami. Miami’s environment was so distracting and not a good environment. I definitely would not be in college if it were not for the environment and my aunt. I have good character in me but environment has to play a factor too.

Hereditary has some good points. Some people are naturally athletic. I always here coach say “you can’t teach that skill”, meaning that you naturally can do something. I can watch someone make a save when someone scores. I can just naturally repeat it. Now you can be an athlete but some people don’t have natural talent and have to work hard. I see it all the time through life experiences. Another good example is driving a car. Some people can drive well than others. My aunt drives terribly on the road. She has been driving by far longer than me. I have been driving a short time compare to her. Yet, I still have better driving skills for some reason. She has more experience (environment) on the road. I have natural (heredity) ability to drive over her experiences.

Environment has good points for a consensus. Maybe people develop their so-called natural talents from their environment. For example, in the state of Georgia there is the area that I live in called Augusta. There is another town called Atlanta. Now our program in Augusta is good but is still developing. As a part of the program I train little kids. The reason why is to get them started early. Develop the skills. In Atlanta they have a program that is mature and has success. The kids in Atlanta my age have been playing since they were babies. Unlike us, we haven’t been playing to long because we didn’t have the program back then. So every time we go to play against them they always had the upper hand. Do to their environment when they were young they have developed good natural talent.

Understanding both side can clarify someone judgment. It really is based on a person opinion. Two of the sides have good reason. They are both factual and good argument. What is really the truth? Shouldn’t there be a truth between the two. No, not in this case, there is no wrong answer. I believe both contribute.

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