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In the essay written by Walter Percy titled The Loss of Creature (588-60) he states the quote “we had the whole place to ourselves”. This quote to Percy means that people like to experience sights and sounds by themselves rather than with a huge group. Percy was trying to explain that people enjoy their solitude while watching something breathtaking because the experience belongs to them at the specific time and nobody else, and it feels special and unique. This view however neglects to mention the second part of human nature that requires the presence of other humans because as much as some people claim to hate other people, they still most likely want at least some form of companionship so they can share at least some part of their life with others .

Many quotes in the essay refer back to this idea of solitude. For example, earlier in the text Percy says “The problem is to find an unspoiled place”. This takes on the persona that everybody enjoys to be in an unspoiled place, this is not always the case. Some people can’t get enough of urban life with its computers and its buildings. Some people like the hustle and bustle of city life. However there are many people who still greatly enjoy unspoiled places and Walter Percy is most likely one of them. Again to tie into the idea of solitude, Percy later in the article says “Is looking at something like sucking? The more lookers the less there is to see.” This view of the looking people is partly valid but not quite because for one, if you had a group of friends looking at something very amazing, I don’t think it would be “less” of an experience. However, if you had 7 billion people in one place looking at it at the same time, you’d be focused on

all the gross people instead of focusing on what you were supposed to be focusing on. And this could definitely distract you if you were trying to look at something beautiful, or

breathtaking but its not as cut and dry as Percy makes it out to be. For one, it depends on WHO you have with you at the present time and the number of people that you have with you. For example, If you were at a park enjoying a nice picnic, it would be really stupid if you had to go to the picnic alone. It wouldn’t be fun at all, so to most people they need to have at least one or two companions with them.

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In conclusion, there are many other examples of the theme of solitude in Walter Percy’s essay but there are so many that it would just be crazy to list all of them, but some of the ideas are too harsh and too opinionated, it leaves you guessing what his meaning is without any clear meaning, therefore there is debate on what Percy meant in his essay, he needed to be more clear on what he said however the general idea behind his writing was how solitude was valuable to human kind, but it isn’t as important as he makes it out to believe. But Percy did make a good point about how there cant be tons of people crowded around at the same time, but there has to be a happy medium, that’s probably the most logical assumption

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