Thursday, 16 February 2012


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The Articles of Confederation were origionally written to set up a basic from of government for the newly formed United States of America. Many had problems adapting to this written form of government, especially Conservatives. Overall, the Articles of Confederation did no provide ab adequate plan for the government, and did not fulfil all the needs of a growing nation.

First off, the Articles of Confederation stated that the National Government could not establish an army or navy. This caused the United States much worry, and eventually problems that would lead to the ratification of the Constitution. Many people didnt like the idea that their nation didnt have the power to raise a defense or source of assurance against potential enemy

1000pm - The drive home seemed really short. I began to get edgy as usual, i cant go a single day anymore without being a dick. My legs were really sore from earlier, and i had a bad sore throat, so yeah. I make myself feel really stupid. In a comatose state, i just sorta sat and talked. It was really nice being in a car, i dont know why but it just was. Not really much to comment on the ride home, it was really similar to the ride there. Cept this time i got to ride in the front with lacie and her dad. I liked it that way better. Less space, but i dunno it was cool.

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im real tired i think ill go to bed. I took lots of pictures of the show, so ill have those posted hopefully within the next week. The Thursday pictures havent gotten developed yet, so those will have to wait a bit too.

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