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Medieval life

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Today has been a day full of hardship. Lord Henry John IV made us do more work for less pay. I don’t know how much longer I can provide food and shelter for my family. Before I got home I went to the church and prayed for better times to come. On my way past the market I heard my stomach rumble. I then realised that we had no food at home and that I did not have any money to buy some. Without thinking I grab a loaf of bread of a nearby stand. I sprinted all the way home, and when I finally made it home I had realised that I had escaped being hanged.


Dear Diary,

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I got out of bed and together with my wife got ready for work. We had eggs and milk for breakfast. Ten minutes later we were at work. It is early summer and we are harvesting the wheat and corn crops from 6 o’clock in the morning to 7 o’clock in the evening. At the same time we are harvesting the crops, our wives are pressing the grapes to make wine or leaving them out in the sun to dry and become raisins. Lord Henry was so pleased with the work done; each worker was paid the cut money from yesterday. I was so relieved that I did not have to steal today. Me and the wife and children were so happy we started to sing and tell old stories until the night grew old.


Dear Diary,

I wake up to another hard days work. Even though everyone had done a good deal of work yesterday there is still lots of crops left for harvesting. I continue working on my corn and wheat harvesting. At 6 o’clock in the evening we had finished the harvesting for the summer and tomorrow we will have to start to collect acorns for the pigs and smoke and salt meat to get ready for winter. Before we left there was an announcement that there will be no pay for the week because most of the lord’s money was going into the war against Bounapert IIV of France. I was angry with the Lord because I had no money or food left. I told my wife to get going home without me. When she had left I went into the lord’s land and grabbed one of the sheep and ran home with it on my shoulder. But what I wasn’t aware of was that someone saw me.


Dear Diary,

I wake up hearing knocking at the door. I answer it, and two pairs of hands grasp me and say, “You are suspected of stealing one of the Lord’s sheep”. They took me to a court where I

denied everything even though it was true. The court decided that it should be done by a fire ordeal. The bar was shoved into my hand, and I screamed in pain. After 5 seconds they removed it and its place their was burn scars and not to mention pain. I told my wife and kids about what had happened at the trial and about my ordeal.


Dear Diary,

After a nights rest the burns are not healing. I am excused from working because of the burns so I decide to go visit my parents and inform them about my trial and ordeal. I told them that this might be the last time they will see me alive. They started crying. They hugged and kissed me and then we talked about the old times when I was only a child. After 7 hours at my parents I left and headed home. At o’clock I was at home with my family. This was the last day we would be together before the court decided to do when they saw the scars. I believed that on Saturday I was going to be hanged. We laughed and played games all night but then I started crying because this might be the last time I’m with my family.


Dear Diary,

I woke up and had my breakfast and slipped out and went to the church. I confessed to god that I was guilty but that I done it because of my poorness and anger at the Lord and not of greed but a will to survive, so please let me live. I went back home where the wardens of the prison were waiting for me. I had to get my own food for inside the prison. I was inside a cell with many people about to be hanged for small crimes they have committed. I was to stay here until a verdict was decided.


Dear Diary,

A guard woke me up and took me to the Lord. He announces what I am being charged for and that sentence was death by hanging. I held out my hand and he looked at my palm. With a grin he screamed out “ God has found this man guilty and therefore he will be hanged”. “ Get him a priest. With my wife and children crying in the cheering crowd who was always dressed up for these sorts of things I walked up onto the platform. The rope was tied on my neck and next second I am trying to fight the squeeze and the last thing I hear is my wife screaming “ Nooooooo!!

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