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Morocco is located at the northwest of Africa. It is bordered in the north by the Strait of

Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea, to the south by Mauritania, and from the east

Algeria, and also bordered in the west by the Atlantic Ocean. This beautiful country

covers 710,850 square kilometers, and its coast extends over ,500 km. The total size of

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Morocco is slightly larger than California. The northern coast and interior lands are

mountainous with large areas of bordering plateaus, intermountain valleys, and rich coastal

plains. The numerous mountains that they have there cause them to have several

earthquakes. Another natural disaster that occurs in In Morocco, traditions and customs differ from one region to another. Its mainly because

of the fact that some Moroccans are Berbers; native Moroccans. Then there are the Arab

Moroccans who reached Morocco from the Middle East during the expansion of Islam.

Another factor is that Morocco has been influenced over centuries by different European

cultures such as the Spanish, French, and English cultures, which have all made their mark

to some extent and whose cultures have been intermingled and incorporated into the

Moroccan culture, adding even more flavor to the already rich Moroccan tradition.

The Berbers of Morocco have many different traditions. As in most villages,

weddings are looked forward to, but the most famous wedding tradition takes place in the

village of Imilchil. All the young people who live in the High Atlas mountains come to

participate in the Moussem, which is a kind of tribal marriage where the brides get to

choose their groom. One can find different lifestyles, crafts, architecture and dress, all

depending on which part of the country you are in.

Some customs of Morocco are that they do all things with their right hands

because they wipe with their left hand. Guest are supposed to eat politely at someone

elses house, however if theyre impolite they most likely wont be invited back to the

house. Also Couscous is always eaten on Friday, and not on other days. They are famous

for their pies as well, which can be up to fifty layers of pastry.

. Market segment analysis

The target market for Marble Slab Creamery is basically any age group. Only 1%

of the people are below the poverty line, which means the rest of the population earns a

regular salary, and can afford to purchase ice cream for themselves, their family, and their

friends. The average skilled and qualified worker receives 1.04-1.8 dirhams. Engineers

or executives receive 6,600-11,000 dirhams.

This concept of fruit-flavored, sweetened iced desserts of ice cream, has a long

history. In medieval Morocco, cooks used honey and fruit juices to flavor snow brought

down from the Atlas mountains. The ice cream they made was called sharbat -- the idea

and word migrated to Italy (sorbetto) and France (sorbet).

The population of the work force in Morocco is 11 million. Therefore, they can

simply afford to buy ice cream. The health of most Moroccans is pretty normal. Their life

expectancy is age 70, so young and old can enjoy the rich tastes of Marble Slab ice cream.

The different flavors of ice cream may be somewhat new to them, but the majority of

people there, have had ice cream before, and can expect to have a new and delightful


Of the total population of Morocco 61.5% are between the ages 15-64, which is

,518,50 males, and ,640, females. Surveys have shown that in this age group, they

are the ones to purchase more ice cream than any other age group. Since they earn and

have money, they are more likely to spend it. It is also shown the people in this age group

will go out with friends more and want a place to hang out. They will need a place to go,

and Marble Slab is the perfect place for them. So with the combination of having money

and needing a place to go, surveys show they will look for a place to eat.

. Analysis of potential location

This Marble Slab Creamery franchise will be located in Casablanca, Morocco. It

will be established in an urban area, in the center of the town by the hotelsMorocco is periodic droughts.

The population of Morocco is 1,167,78. Ninety-nine percent are Arab-Berber,

.07% are of other nationality, and .0% are Jewish. Thirty percent of the populations are

under the age of fourteen, while the majority of the population; sixty-two percent are between the ages of fifteen to sixty-four. Only 4.7% are over the age 65. The population

growth rate is 1.68%. The birth rate is .6/1,000 for every 1000 individuals. The death

rate is 46.4 deaths/1000 live births. The average life expectancy in Morocco is at age 70.

For females it is 7, and for males it is 67. The major religion is Muslim. Only 1.1% are

Christian, and .0% are Jewish. 4.7% of the populations are literate. The major language

is Arabic, Berber dialects, and French; which is often spoken there for business,

government, and diplomacy uses.

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