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Except for the Freeware version(InetChes.exe), ChesStat.exe is

Copyrighted by Michael D. Sperry, Sr. and cannot be distributed without

his express permission. Orders should be accompanied by a

check or money order for $4 (includes shipping) made to

Michael Sperry, CEO of S.I.S. at 706 Sycamore Pl., New

Orleans, La. 70118. Questions may be directed to

Zorro16@new-orleans.neosoft.com (on internet).

The disks are not copy protected and the files thereon can be

copied to a hard disk or to backup floppies with the standard

DOS commands. Copy all of the following files from the program

disk into a directory named CSTAT which must be only one

branch from your root directory. (CCSTAT).





The next step is to change to the directory CCSTAT and

then type install and [Enter]. The install batch file will

unarchive the program and data files.

The following files should be present in the CSTAT directory after the

install program is finished. Additional files may also be present.

1. ChesStat.EXE - The EGA and VGA program version.

. CONVERT.DOC - Convert program documentation.

. CONVERT.EXE - Program to convert algebraic text single

or combined files to ChesStat.gms format

in a batch run mode.


DIRECTORY!!! when executing CONVERT.EXE

5. CHESSTAT.DOC - This file

6. README.DOC - Last minute updates. (May or may not be



8. COMBINE1.GMS - Approximately 100 Selected Games.

. COMBINE.GMS - Approximately 75 Selected Games.

10. ANALYSIS.GMS - Selected Analyses

11. FISSPA.GMS - Fischer vs Spassky, 1!

1. SPANNER.EXE - A terminal program for Chess by Phone



Indicates copyrighted material, all right reserved. The rest

are shareware.

ChesStat.doc - ChesStat is provided with help screens which

are available by pressing the F1 key when the help available

message is displayed at the bottom of the screen. These, plus

the tips provided herein should be sufficient to begin


1. ChesStat runs much faster from a hard drive, and can

access an unlimited number of games as long as they are

all in the same directory. ChesStat is limited to

approximately 17 games simultaneously from a 60K floppy

drive. Note that combined files (those with many games

combined) load and are analyzed faster than the same

number of games in separate files. Things really zip if

the files are put in a RAM Drive, or if there is a 104K

Disk Cache in use.

. The ANSI.SYS driver should be installed in CONFIG.SYS

prior to starting CSTATE. See your DOS Manual for

instructions to invoke ANSI.SYS.

N/A . To start ChesStat when the program is in the same

directory as the game files [the current directory only]

type ChesStat and [Enter].

N/A 4. To start ChesStat with the files in the current directory

and the program on a different drive or directory, type

[DRIVE][PATH]ChesStat and [ENTER]. Example


5. The Main Menu appears, along with the title screen.

Examine the options shown by the Main Menu. This is the

central control screen, and you must pass through it to

switch between the options shown. Be careful not to press

the [Esc] key here unless you wish to EXIT the program.

Help is available by pressing the [F1] key.

a. The Entry Mode allows manual entry of games and

loading of existing game files. Help is available

by pressing the [F1] key. As many as 100 games can

be loaded (F), depending on available memory, each

appended to the growing group. The group can then

be saved (F10), or the individual files archived

(F5). Only the last game appended can be modified

once the group is formed. Unwanted games can be

marked, and will not be saved with the group. The

option to save each game individually is prompted

as each game is marked (F5). Either enter a file

name at this point or press [Enter] to abort the

individual game save. Games can be scanned at the

users preferred speed. The Help Screen shows all

control key assignments. Note that [Ins] and [Del]

play a major role in stepping forward and backward

through moves.

ChesStat is Mouse compatible in all entry modes.

The left button selects a piece to move (under the

cross hairs) and also drops the piece under the new

cross hair position the second time pressed.

Pressing the left and right buttons at the

same time takes back a move. Pressing the right

button alone makes the next move, if one is already


You can jump to any move number in a game by

hitting [Alt-J] and the by entering M7 where 7 is

the seventh move of the game.

N/A b. The Analysis Mode has two important differences

from the Entry Mode.

First, the load command [F] is dramatically

different. It will only load those files in which

there is a POSITION identical to the one shown by

the game board AND which comply with the FILTER

criteria selected by the user after pressing [F].

The program will look for the specified letters or

numbers in the combinations given which match any

portion of the information stored in the relevant

fields of the database. For example If the user

specifies SIC in the opening field, the program

will search and find all SICILIAN games which also

contain the position of the game board, regardless

of move number. It will also find all SICK

openings with a matching position, because SICK

contains SIC. Similar criteria apply to the other

filter fields.

To bypass a field (no criteria) just hit [Enter]

when the cursor reaches the field and leave it

blank. Any criteria in any field will further

reduce the number of matching games.

The ratings field is special. If you wish to find

all games played between two GMs with ratings

between 700 and 750, regardless of position or

opening do the following

Press [Alt P] in the analysis mode to toggle the

Ignore Position? message to read YES. Note that

this must read NO when searching for a displayed

position match.

Press [F] to initiate the search load.

Press [Enter] as many times as it takes to reach

the White Rating.

Enter 700 750.

Press [Enter] until you reach the Black Rating


Enter 700 750.

Press [Enter] through all of the remaining fields.

The program will do the rest.

Note that if more matches are found than memory can

hold, the remaining matches can be examined by

again pressing the [F] key. This process can

continue indefinitely until no more matches are

found, or you cancel by pressing [Alt R].

N/A c. The Tree Mode

The second Major feature of the analysis mode is

the Tree Mode. If two or more games are loaded in

the analysis mode, pressing the [F] key will

toggle between the Analysis Tree Mode and the

Analysis Data Mode. The Tree mode shows the next

move variations from the game board position, AND

the game numbers where each variation can be found.

Jump to the game number of the variation you like

([Alt J] then G7 [Enter] for Game 7), then toggle

back to the Data Mode for a look at the Stats!

d. The Position Mode

The Position Mode can be used to setup a position

for a database search. Help is available with the

[F1] key. Piece entry is fast and easy, and is

adequately explained by the Help Screen.

N/A Endgame Studies

A number of endgame studies are provided free. The format

for storing the free studies allows searching for

specific piece counts, and placements. The Ignore

Position flag should be set to YES if an exact

position match is not required. Note that the field names

do not exactly comply with the data stored in them for an

endgame study.

Board Printouts

Before starting CHESSTAT you must load the GRAPHICS.EXE

program, which is one of the supplemental programs

provided by with DOS. Use the following procedure to

print a position

1. Invoke GRAPHICS.EXE from your DOS directory.

. Invoke ChesStat.

. Select the position of interest in the usual manner.

5. Make sure your printer is in the IBM graphics mode.

6. Hit your Print Screen button(s).

APPLIED TO InetChes.exe

Chess by Modem

A recent addition to InetChes includes the ability to

play over the phone with a friend who also has InetChes .1.

A Chat feature is included which allows messages to be

exchanged during play. (The Internet connection will be discussed


To access these features, you should follow this


1. Call your friend using Spanner. To do this,

the called person must set his modem in the auto-

answer mode by typing ATS0=1- [ENTER] after

starting the terminal program. The caller must dial

through his terminal programs dialing procedure.

Once the modems are synchronized, establish that

you can see each others typing ([Alt E] usually

outs you in a mode where you can see your own

typing too). Then, type [ALT-U] to access the batch file

CHESSBAT.BAT which executes InetChes.exe.



The program will first try to determine if the communications

is full duplex or half duplex. One end will experience 5

seconds of a RED field left of the chess board. This is normal

and shows the connection is present. Two programs doing this

simultaneously on each end may convince each other there is an

echo when there is not. If problems in communication become

apparent, one user should exit and re-start.

N/A . Change to the directory containing ChesStat and

execute ChesStat.

. At InetChess Main Menu, strike M for Modem

setup. Enter your Comm Port number.

N/A 4. From the Main Menu, access the Game Entry Mode


5. Initiate the Chat Mode by pressing the space bar,

tying your message and then [ENTER]. You should

establish who will play white. The Black player

MUST IMMEDIATELY place his pieces at the bottom of

the board using [Alt-V], otherwise the moves will

not synchronize.

6. Begin Play, and Enjoy the game!

7. The program checks the position on each board and will

initiate automatic error recovery if the boards get out of

synch. If you suspect a move has been missed, just do nothing,

and the program will slowly retract moves on the computer with

the most moves made until the boards match. Note that this may

have the effect of retracting one or more of your moves, so

watch out for it.


The clocks start when playing by modem as white makes his first

move. To toggle the clocks on and off, just hit the T key. Note

that the clocks are reset by the board reset command [Alt R], but

reset must be done by both computers.


Edit the file spanner.dir with a text editor to include your

internet access number.

Run Spanner.exe and type [ALT-P] to enter your connection

parameters. N,8,1 connection is required, but the baud rate,

communications port and modem strings are variable according to

your system. After entering the correct info type the F7 key to

save it.

In Spanner, [ALT-D] shows the directory. Enter the item number for

internet, or enter the number manually.

After logging onto internet using the ANSI TERMINAL SETTING, type

alk name@address to initiate the internet chat mode. After

connection is established, confirm that you can converse with your

opponent by typing hello name. Now would be a good time to settle

who will play black and what the time control will be. Remember

black must type [ALT-V] inside of InetChes to put his black pieces

on the bottom.

From here on out, play will be as described in the Play by Modem

Section above. Expect a few more beeps, delays and automatic

position synchronization retractions because of the inherently

flaky nature of Internet communications.


InetChes may freak without both a white King and a Black

King on the board. In the position mode, its OK to temporarily

have two Kings of the same color, but there should be at

least one. So, always place the King in its new position


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