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story of an hour

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Story of an hour

Life in the 100?s was rather difficult for some women to deal with. You see they were restricted as to what they could and couldn?t do according to their husband?s desires. Society would also restrict women just because there was a general idea that they shouldn?t be doing any kind of work besides housework. They were not permitted to do a lot of physical work outside of the house. These women were not allowed to vote as a sign of oneness or surrender to their husbands. The idea was that the wife should make the same vote as her husband and not really understand politics as the men would. So actions such as this were deemed unsuitable for women of this time.

Such a lady who had to deal with these restrictions and demands was Mrs. Mallard. On top of these normal conditions she had heart trouble. But her heart trouble was not that of a physical condition but that of emotional and psychological feelings. It was very likely that her husband was a controlling man who gave her no opinion at all. It was almost as if she were in bondage in her own home. Day in and day out she would do the same old things over an over again. She didn?t even need to think about it anymore it became a routine that was automatic to her. Just because she had been this way for so long does not mean she didn?t hurt from this restricting lifestyle.

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There was a train that had wrecked nearby where she lived. She was unaware of this event. Her husband?s friend, however, found out and read the list of the men presumed to be dead. He waited until one more conformation came before going to tell anyone. After this he went and told Mrs. Mallard?s sister so they could both tell her about the tragedy

They were hesitant to tell her at first because of her known heart condition but they did it anyway. At first when she heard of her husband death she was devastated. She went up to her room and was mourning for her loss. As she sat there she began to realize that all she was mourning about was what kept her in bondage for so many years now. She started to feel freedom in a way. She woke up from the nightmare and began to feel unbelievable relief. She realized how she was beginning to feel and fought it back because she had been so used to the way things were and she was feeling bad for thinking that about her husband.

Soon she left her room were her sister was waiting for her. She began to walk down the stairs towards the front door were her husbands friend was. As they got to the bottom of the stairs the front door opened and it was her husband. After over coming the entire situation to see him come in the door was too much. She died on the spot. Was it because she had a heart attack? Well not the kind you might normally think of. It was because her husband was the source of her heart problems. When he was gone she received strength and was able to move on victoriously. But when he came back the pain was more than she could bear.

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