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a chance to change

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When I barely graaduated out of my middle school, I was fourteen. one stupid mistake has changed myself around. The mistake I made was the most common thing that students would make in high schools -Cheating- Luckily, this mistake didnt affect me in a bad way for my future; It made me realize how good to be a honest, hard-working student.

It all happened in the third quarter of the year, when the finals for all the subjects were coming. My World History teacher told us that we were going to have our last test before the final came. I told myself that I had to study and get an A on the test. But everytime I came home, I put down my backpack and changed my clothes, and as usual, I turned around back to the living room and watched my favorite show on TV; time were running. After the show, I showered and had my dinner, and I had forgotten the review of the World History that should have begun 4 hours ago. And like I always told myself, tomorrow would be different.

It was fast that days after days, till the night before the test, I hadnt even opened my textbook once. I am tired.That was the excuse I always use to run away from work. I set my clock alarm, and as I relaxed myself in my bed, I do not study I told myself, and that was how I usually did for the exams in the last two years. I didnt worry about a thing. I went to bed.

It was soon that Days after Days, till the day before the test, I hadnt even open my book. Tired, Tired; my mind was telling me how I felt everytime I wanted to study. The night before the test, i set on my alarm. It was just as usual as it should be, I do not study I told myself, and that was how I did my exams in the past tears. I went to bed.

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Then, it was 800 in the morning. The light shined on my face, I started worrying about the test. But it was too late for that. My history teacher had came to class, with many test papers that he was ready to pass to us. What can I do to get the A? I wondered. Something crossed my mind instantly; cheating, that might be bad but that was my only chance for me to get an A, or at least not to fail on the test. I started pullling the history book out of my backpack while others were putting them back in their backpack. I pretended that I didnt know what the rules were, what was a test. I opened up the page and put it in the drower, and acted like completely normal and innocent, so the teacher wouldnt suppect me of anything. As soon as I got the test paper, I was doing as fast as I could. I felt that my palm and my forehead was sweating, and I was afraid that the teacher would notice that. I read the text from the book under me, and put them to my test paper words by words. Finally, I did it.

I passed my test paper with a sign of relief. It felt great. It made me wanted to go out and dance. I wanted to laugh but I tried to pretend that I didnt do well like always. But all these happiness ended when the teacher called me out. I went up to the teacher with my body trembling. What could possible go wrong with the paper? I did a wonderful job on that, I thought. How can you get the exact same answer as the book? He asked. All of the sudden, my face went pale. I didnt know how to answer his question. My tongue tied and my mind went blanked. I heard his question again. I looked around, some of my classmates were sneering at me, some were pointing at me, others were just too busy to get out of the classroom without even knowing what happened. I was embarrassed and ashamed. And now, my face was red like the color of the sunset. After a while, the teacher wispered to me, Come with me, youre in trouble. Suddenly, I was afraid that he was going to call my parents, at that moment, I would rather to get expelled from school without my parents ever knowing how ashamed I was.

Fortunately, the teacher stopped at the corner of the stair. He turned around and faced me. I didnt want to face him eyes-to-eyes since I cheated on his test. He told me that I would get a F on the test, which was predictable. Then, he asked me why did I cheat on the test? I didnt answer, or maybe, I was just too ashamed of myself that I didnt want to answer a question like that. Then, he just called me to leave, and I felt like a sinful prisoner finally got out of the jail.

After I came home, I thought back all the things that had happened in the morning. It was scary for me, and also, ashamed. I didnt want to go to his class anymore, not even looked at him in front of his face. I felt tired, but this time, I didnt get into sleep. I started to think about what I was doing in these two years. Help me to revise it((All of the sudden, I saw the chance that I still had, I just had to do well in the final exam and that was all. So, instead of worrying about what had happened, I began to study for the finals.)) Everyday, I came home from school, I would go straight toward the desk and open the textbook. Days by days, I felt that I was ready for anything on the exam. I wanted to prove to my classmates who laughed at me when I cheated. I wanted them to know that I was better person, a smart guy that could do anything.

After the finals, the results came and I was placed on the third place of the whole class. I was so proud of myself and so as my parents. Even though some of my classmates claimed that I was cheated on the finals, I didnt care because the teachers also believed in me that I had changed myself around. I felt like what a good student should have felt like, proud of myself.

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