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lord of the flies

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How the relationship between Jack and Ralph changes in the novel

Ralph has just blown the conch and boys are coming from different parts of the island lead by the noise of the echo. While there is excitement and laughter among the group, Ralph suddenly spots something dark, which is “fumbling along”. This is Jack Merridew leading his choir with army precision, slowly approaching the meeting point. Jack introduces himself as Merridew, which shows that he is trying to stay distant from Ralph and he feels that he is more special then the others. The group decides that there must be a vote to decide who is going to be chief. Although Ralph wins the vote, he gives Jack leadership of the choir “The choir belongs to you of course”, which in a way shows that he fears Jack. At the beginning they seem to be getting on well with each other and this is shown when they explore the island together.

The first major conflict between the two boys is in Chapter 4 when Jack and his tribe went hunting rather than stay and keep the fire going. Ironically just then a ship has passed, which makes Ralph even angrier. At the same time Jack and his hunters have managed to kill a pig and doesn’t seem to be worried by the fact that they might have been rescued. From this event we see that the two boys have contrasting attitude towards life on the island. While Jack seems to be enjoying life on the island, Ralph is desperate to get rescued “There was a ship”.

As the story progresses their relationship starts to get worse. The most significant part is when Jack says “Bollocks to the rules”, which shows that he is tired from the rules and against democracy. Later on he moves to the other end of the island to start his own tribe showing that he disagrees with the way Ralph is leading the group. He convinces the boys that they will have more fun with him hunting and painting their faces rather than building shelters and making fire. This is the point where the two boys become clear enemies. Now that Jack has all the power he is desperate to get rid of Ralph to make sure that there is nothing that can endanger his leadership. Jack feels that Ralph is a week link. The novel finishes with jack and his tribe “hunting” Ralph with spears.

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