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A Rose For Joey

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The job career that I would choose would be a financial analyst. Looking at the assessment results this looks like a great choice for me. First, my interest in this field is very strong. Although most of the jobs I did choose came out very strong as well. Working as financial analysts I believe will work well with me because of the values I have learned I have in this class. For example, the high values I have are advancement, competition, fast pace, location and status. Working in the financial field all of these values will work exceptionally well. The Financial field is very fast paced; competition is great because if you don’t make money you’re fired. The location and status can always come later in the career if I don’t actually get a nice location it wouldn’t be all that bad. My personality would work very well with this occupation.

Taking the career development program during this semester I found out I am an istj, meaning I am an introvert sensing thinking judging type of personality. I think what really helps me out here is the introvert social part. In the financial markets being introvert and thinking is very necessary in achieving success if you are not basing your decisions on logic and objective analysis then you probably wont excel as rapidly as someone that does. The strong interest inventory also taking during the semester suggests that all the occupations I chose, as stated before, are very similar. This means I am on the right track on picking my career choice in life.

Another interesting topic is looking at the Eurekea microskills done this semester this also tends to agree with the field I have chosen. For example negotiating is listed as very satisfying skills; well in the financial market negotiating your salary, and negotiating with clients is of the up-most importance. Tenacity and drive are also listed and I tend to agree with this as well. If your not driven, I don’t care what field your in you will never make it in life. I feel that I am very driven and tend to want the best in life.

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Another interesting topic is the values card sort we did this semester. What is interesting about this is it directly relates to the career I am interested in, which is finance. For example, competition, location, stability, and advancement are all listed as high values. In the financial markets advancement is very easy to do as long as you strive to learn more about the field and do what is expected of you and more. Stability is very easy in this field as long as you are making the right decisions and picking the right stocks. Location again as stated before is not as important although many financial companies have money, thus the location is usually pretty nice. Finally, competition can’t get any better than this in the financial field. If you do well you will make a lot of money and receive raises more often. The low values I have are stability, independence, community and helping others. As I look at this helping others should have been a high value of mine but stability is not. I am control of my own destiny and if I mess up it’s my fault but i am not going to dwell on it. I figure as long as I do my best that is good enough for me.

The Holland code for financial analysts CSI. Looking at the strong interest inventory it looks as if investigative has the most similar interests, social comes in second place pretty close, then conventional, and lastly artistic. What is really important here is the investigative interests. This is very important and very crucial to achieving success in the financial markets. Being a good investigator and researching stock is the main goal of this job choice. Social comes in second for me, this is also very important to be social to get to know the bosses in the company and gain contacts from other companies. If one is not social, people tend not to be around them. Conventional comes in third, this can be important but I believe conventional ides in the stock market are not going to cut it. One needs to be alert and know when new ideas are brought up so they can be acted upon yourself.

Technology in this field I couldn’t express how important this is. As new technology arrives you have to be on top of it. Otherwise your competitors will trample all over you. The speed of change is crucial in learning the new terms, new theories and ideas. One must always be on top of the speed of change if a company wants to stay in business. What is very interesting in my field is the Internet. I believe the internet not only benefits the financial markets but also lets customers know a little bit more about what we are doing. Basically I believe a stock analyst helps others retire earlier and live a more happy life. Using the Internet, customers also don’t have to set up lengthy appointments, but rather, can go online research the stock and then relay that info to the stock analyst for deeper research.

Compensation wages in this field starts off at 5,000 with benefits. As one grows they eventually work mainly off of commission. When that sets in the sky is the limit. I know of people making big bucks just off of commission only. As an entry level worker one also has to pass a series of tests to become licensed to sell stocks. After that cold calling is inevitable. Once you build up your clientele then you really see the money come in. If you choose the right stocks, and clients make money they tend to give other people your name and you make more money that way as well.

Through all in all, this class has helped me tremendously. I no longer not know what field I want to work in. I have a good idea of what I need to do to achieve this goal as well. With all the exercises in this class, it has really opened my eyes up. I now need to accomplish the goals I have set and stick with the career I have chosen. Some goals that I may need to develop to reach these goals are pretty simple. I need to finish up college, read more financial books and also a big important step is to get an internship with a company. With these goals in mind and all the exercises we have done I believe I can reach my goals. Thanks

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