Saturday, 7 May 2011

Quick to Anger is a Human Flaw

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The protagonist, in a tragedy, according to Aristotle must have a human flaw in order to bring about hamartia and a full catharsis of emotion.In Oedipus the king, by Sophocles, Oedipus flaw is that he is a character who becomes angered easily. He first becomes impatient and hot headed with the blind prophet, Tiresias, and accuses him of not telling the truth. Next he believes that his brother in law, Creon, has plotted with Tiresias, in order to accuse Oedipus for the murder of King Laius. In a fit of anger, Oedipus wants to banish Creon from Thebes, and if Creon doesnt leave, Oedipus will have him executed. Jocasta tries to comfort Oedipus by telling him of the oracles decree and of the incidence which caused the kings death. Instead, Oedipus begins to realizes that he really may be the person responsible for Laius death. Oedipus remembers losing his temper where the three roads meet. The man in the chariot (the king) hit Oedipus with a double-pointed goad. In intense anger he killed the entire entourage with his staff, except one witness, the herdsman. It was this herdsman who held the truth to two of Oedipus mysteries.One, the killer of King Laius and two, the identity of the son of Polybus.Oedipus shows no mercy to this old man when he questions him for the truth. He threatens the herdsman with torture and death, displaying his ease at becoming impatient and irate even toward the humblest of men. Odepus the King, Sophocles

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