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In my opinion I think that “own brands” are a real threat to coca cola for a number of reasons. The first is the immediate success of these drinks in super markets such as Tescos and Sainsburys. The reason I think they are so successful in these shops is due to the very low prices when ever the taste is just as nice to some people. According to secret research conducted be Sainsburys two thirds of these who have tasted the new cola preferred it to coke or could not tell the difference The consumers of these own brand drinks then start replacing coca cola with this and will tell there friends who may also do like wise. However these products are not half as advertised as the real things meaning more people tend to stick with coke instead of trying these drinks. This is all to do with good advertising which includes some good catch fazes that u will be sure to remember the next time you see the product. Some of the facts also show that coke is feeling under pressure from Sainsburys as they have been trying to say that the legendary trademark has been infringed. They believe that own brand products have copied there packaging of red and white cans but tests show that this has either helped people or hasn’t made any effect. However I still think that they will never become close to as successful as coke due to its worldwide presence. Through out the first three chapters of this novel we learn a lot about the character of Curley’s wife and the role she plays. As I read these chapters my first impressions of her is that she is a lonely wife and craves attention from other ranch hands. This brings me on to the first and most noticeable point that I realised about Curley’s wife.

Although she is married to Curley she plays the role of a very flirty women who likes to be in the centre of attention with other men. This does not go unnoticed with the other ranchmen and on many occasions it is brought up “Yeah? Married to weeks and she’s got the eye?” Curleys’s wife is well know through out the ranch by all the men as “she got the eye going all the time on every body” After this is said Whit then says “I bet she even gives the stable buck the eye” This shows that Curleys wife is desperate or is in it for revenge as he stable buck is a nigger who is hated through out the ranch. The next most important point I learn about Curley’s wife is that she is very hard to please, “Well, I tell ya what, Curley says he’s keeping’ that hand soft for his wife” In my opinion Curleys failed attempts to satisfy her emotionally or physically, leads her to seek solace with other men even those least popular or disliked in the ranch. The first time we get a description on Curleys wife is mid way through chapter two when she appears standing at the doorway with her “full rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. Her fingernails were red, her hair hung in little rolled clusters, like sausages she wore a cotton housedress and red mules, on the insteps of which were little bouquets of ostrich feathers.” This description of how Curley’s wife presents her self tells us a little about her personality. She uses the colour red a lot and as we know red represents a lot of things. The most important point in represents is danger and what’s to come. It also brings us back to weed where Lennie pulled at the red dress as he wanted to feel it but the woman got the wrong idea and moaned to the law that she had been raped. Red is also a very romantic colour and in my opinion Curley’s wife wears this colour to seduce me into being hers. I also believe she has the capability to cause and start fights as we see at the end of chapter three when Curley’s rage explodes on Lennie. However I don’t blame all this on Curley as the build up to the fight was to do with him not being able to look after his own wife. To conclude I think that Curley’s wife is a very nice woman however I think she is capable of causing a lot of trouble.


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