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Sources of stress

For Example Role conflict and ambiguity was a source of stress that these men dealt with as they struggled at finding their roles and responsibilities. This is illustrated in the scene where after all his attempt at voting guilty. The gentleman with the baseball card decided that he was going to change his vote to not guilty. And the Mexican gentleman with the mustache responded to the guy that he should only vote not guilty if he truly believes that the defendant is not guilty and not because he had enough.

Time was another form of stress that was exhibited in the movie. An example of this is when the guy with the baseball card tells the foreman to get the show going (especially because he had a baseball game to go to).

Influences on team effectiveness


For example Member roles (self-oriented role) were one type of role shown in this group interaction. This is shown in the scene where the black gentleman wearing a black hat tries to dominate and block progress. He demonstrates his domination by walking around the group, speaking a lot of negativity, and telling people that they’re going to listen to him. In the process he makes racial comments, suggesting that,” these spics are just the way they are (bad)…and that they are going to take over…and that they need to be stopped.”

Developmental stages of a team

For example The Forming Stage is shown in much of the first scene when the twelve angry men enters the room and starts to get acquainted with each other. They all seem to be polite towards each other. An illustration of this is the scene where one older gentleman is adjusting his tie approaches another fellow reading the daily newspaper. The old gentleman seems to be trying to get to know the other gentleman a little. He starts by saying; ”I didn’t get a chance to see the newspaper today, anything new going on?” The other gentleman answers, “ I was just wondering how the market goes today.”

The first gentleman replies, “ I wouldn’t know. You’re an exchanger?” The second gentleman then says, “No, no I’m a broker.” And the first gentleman in turn says, “Really, I run a messenger service, the beckon’ call company, my wife’s idea… we employed thirty-seven people.”

Influences of personalities

For example The family background in which one grows up has a lot to do with the influence and development of personalities. This is exhibited in the scene where the older gentleman in his gray shirt and suspenders speaks about he was raced in rigid home and how he tried raising his kid the way he was raised but failed. His family background could possible influenced his personality and attitude towards the whole case.

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