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Corporate Communication and Problem Solving

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Corporate Communication

Management 1

July , 00



In this paper we will be discussing the organizational climate of my company NT. We will further divide these observations as they pertain to

• Communication

• Culture

• Conflict

• Technology

Each subtopic will be developed in association with organizational structure and climate.

NT is a diagnostic sleep research and treatment center. We specialize in pulmonary related sleep disorders, but also delve in the neurological aspect of sleep. Over the years a change was brought about by two factors 1.) Technology .)


Until recently, this was a problem at all levels. A constant lack of communication, and response time kept the organization busier than it should have been. Since we operate 4hrs a day, seven days a week, communication is a priority that could no longer be ignored. The core of the problem was in my workforce. When I was assessing the problem, I compared sets of “sleep teams”, and the differences between them. Sleep team A worked from

The field of sleIt is my belief that management and its core functions have remained true since its inception. Trends and adaptations are the only things that change when socioeconomic and other pertinent factors fluctuate.

As of recent, our economy and social patterns have changed in a very different manner. Seeing the bottom of the graph since the economic boom of the mid 0s was a strange thing for many companies and individuals. Seeing big companies having to make drastic changes brought about panic and anxiety. Many companies, before the economic slowdown, were being managed in a way that core responsibilities and functions were being left to the front line manager. Many upper management employees rode on the success of their respective companies, and lost touch with the purpose and vision of their company. Their only interest was to do the least, while making the most. The recent layoffs done by different fortune 500 companies are a direct result of this factor. Over staffing was done during the good times to alleviate the responsibilities and duties of upper management. Seeing that our recent trend has been to cost cut, management and its core concepts are playing a bigger role now than -4 years ago.

Getting back to the basics is what many companies have been forced to do. Running a leaner work force and maximizing the effectiveness and productivity of their existing workforce has been a priority set upon by these factors

• Reality of the internet catching up with the concept

• Consumer confidence falling due to economic slowdown

• Threat of terrorist attacks, and the cost of prevention.

These and many other factors have contributed to the trend that is slowly changing the future of management. How do these factors affect the four basic functions of management? Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling

• Planning- Many organizations have had to change their organizational, strategic, and budget plans in part due to our economy. Leaner projections, smaller budgets, and thinner organizational structures will be the way companies will cut cost, and remain competitive.

• Organizing- Smaller departments, and the increase in workload for individual employees is the way management is headed. No longer does the employee control the market, employers are now more demanding, and have the luxury of organizing their structure in such a way the benefits the company. More responsibility and pressure along with more scrutiny in the positions existing employees and managers hold.

• Leading- Since the future trend is to give more work to less employees and managers, leadership and its core functions will have to follow suit. Motivation to follow, a clearer vision, and the ability to keep employees focused will have to be the main concepts that people in leadership positions will have to further consider.

• Control- The function of control will have to evolve with the rest of the changing concepts. More control with less lines of communications is the key to success in this new type of economy. Companies will adapt to having more control of the front line operations, and having more managed policies and guidelines.

What does this all say about the future of management? Getting back to the basics is the forecast for the future of many managers and employees. With tighter budgets and slower consumer response, the future for many companies will lie in how well they adapt to these changes, and how management learns to apply the basic core concepts of management.

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