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In science, it is vital that the information that has been obtained regarding the products created be as accurate as possible. To obtain the accuracy of different products, many different types of ?yields? are taken into consideration. A yield is the amount of product that is obtained in a chemical reaction. The theoretical yield is the amount of product that we predict will be obtained using stoichiometric calculations and balanced equations. The actual yield is the amount of product that is actually obtained at the end of a procedure. Sometimes the actual yield in a chemical reaction turns out to be less than the theoretical yield, and because of this, there is something called the percentage yield. The percentage yield is the comparison of the actual yield and the theoretical yield giving an indication of the efficiency of a chemical reaction. The percentage yield is a very important value especially to the industries all around the world; who have a main purpose to increase efficiency, and thereby creating larger profits.


The purpose of this lab, ?Percentage Yield?, was to determine how theoretical and experimental values could be used to determine the percentage yield. In this case, specifically we used sodium carbonate and hydrochloric acid to create water, carbon dioxide and salt when heated.

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The following materials were used in the lab to get our results.

· 50 ml Beaker

· Retort stand

· Bunsen burner

· Striker

· Evaporating dish

· Ring clamp

· Watch glass

· Hydrochloric acid

· Tongs

· Distilled water

· Sodium chloride

· Metal grate

· Plastic dropper

· Paper towel

· Scoopula

· Scale

· Weighing paper


The following procedure was follow throughout the experiment.

1. A watch glass and evaporating dish was cleaned, and their mass was measured.

. There was 0.75g of sodium carbonate added to the dish, and their

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