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Antigone is a girl who is trying to stand up for what she believes in. She is trying to speak her voice and she wants to be heard. Being a girl should not make a difference in the way that they are treated. Even in America, there are still women getting abused. Has someone ever done something about women’s rights or will anyone ever do something that will make a drastic change in all women’s lives? Antigone tried to fight for her rights by being brave and trying to bury her brother. Antigone is fighting for her rights and along the way she is being abused in different ways. After all that has happened she still fights back. It’s as if nothing can stop her. Antigone is one of many women that are physically abused and lack respect for their rights. In addition, women resist. Antigone could have been fighting for her brother’s rights or maybe even for her rights as well as many other women’s right.

Though some women aren’t exactly abused physically, they can still be abused just because they aren’t receiving as much respect. Antigone is an example of someone who is abused by not receiving her rights. She wasn’t even allowed to bury her own brother. Many women in Antigone’s age weren’t allowed to have a job or talk to certain people. It might be said that women weren’t treated as people. Mohammad was one of many men that would marry more than one woman. Yet, he tried to restrict the number of women that he married. He was trying to diminish the number of wives and to diminish slavery. To these people that lives in this time, it was their way of life and no one thought that they were doing something wrong. Mohammad could have a side that is caring and trying to change, but also a side that is marrying more than one woman.

Veiling of women occurred before Islam, before Christianity, and before Judaism. This veiling of women came along with the slave society and with patriarchy. The men had polygamy and the women had monogamy. The man always rules in Islamic culture and the woman follows. This relates to Antigone by the way she was treated just because she was a woman. Antigone was as brave as any man but just because she was a woman she couldn’t have a right to bury her brother. When the veiling was popular, it was that a woman would never walk ahead or next to her husband, but she would walk behind him. If a woman was to marry more than one husband then there would be no fatherhood and the whole patriarchal structure would collapse. The wife is the man’s private property and therefore the husband is very sensitive about his wife. The man chooses to cover her so that no other man will see or touch her. The husband wants to be able to have the family name past down and wants to give his inheritance to his children and know that they are his. The wife is basically there to bear children and to work in the house. When the wife is divorced, the man will take the children and her name will be lost history. (Winkers 8-84).

Antigone was mistreated in more than one way, but she fought back. Not many women can say that they fought back against something that they knew was wrong. Some women might have just kept to themselves about the way that they were being treated, while others fought for their rights along with many other rights. Rosa Parks was a woman that fought for not only her rights but also the rights of many other African American people. Antigone might not have known if she was right but she gave it a chance. Though she might not have gotten to see her brother buried, she died knowing that she tried. Back in that time, killing yourself was not a cowardly act, it showed that they were brave. Antigone, with having killed herself, in that time made her even braver than she already was. No human knows how things will turn out a day, a year, or even a decade from now, only God knows that.


In America, we have never had a woman for our president. There have been many women around the world that have fought for something and have won their rights. Women will strive for their rights and hopefully win. Antigone killed herself because she felt that there was no purpose in living since she was going to be punished anyway. In this time, women are abused physically in their own homes. There’s not a lot someone else can do until they stand up for themselves first. Mistreating women isn’t something new that has been progressing; it is something that has been going on for a long time. Women can help more than one person or fight for more than one thing by standing up for what they believe in. Antigone lost her respect when she was trying to give respect to someone else.

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