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shakespeare and iago

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Feminism and Patriarchy Clash

The issue of creating a totally egalitarian environment in which neither men nor women are superior to each other has been one of the most challenging debates over a long time period. Many sociologists claim that in today’s world the dominance of male over female is a result of set of events that the humanity has undergone throughout the history. It is said that the concept of ‘power’ that extremely differs between two sexes as a genetic information has been the determining factor that formed such a man dominant world. The tough life conditions of the early years of world required a powerful object to overcome these conditions, so men began to play a more effective role in the history of humanity. It is stated that sometimes female dominance, matriarchy, has occurred in some regions such as in India but when the last 00 years of the history is examined it is obvious that there is a clear patriarchy all over the world. Patriarchy as a word simply means the superiority of males to females and the right of men to rule over females. Thus, feminism, which has so many diverse meanings, can simply be stated as the aim of ending sexism and oppression over a particular sex. So, in today’s world the word ‘feminism’ refers to the struggle of women for gaining equal rights with men. That is to say, today, ‘feminism’ is a concept that aims to overcome patriarchy no matter who, a male, woman or a heterosexual person, give support to this movement.

The concept of equality, which ‘feminism’ emphasizes in its origin, is so crucial that many people are not a feminist in origin although they call us like that. Hooks states that feminism is a movement for everybody. The deep meaning under these words points out that feminism is not only a movement against patriarchy but also a riot against anti-male people. The basic argument is ending sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. This difference in meaning is so crucial in fact. “I needed feminism to give me a foundation of equality and justice to stand on” (Hooks). As Hooks states the main point is the catching up agenda which is quietly aims to reach a total equality. Today, many women who call themselves ‘feminists’ have a perception about feminism as it is a movement to prove the superiority of female over men, in other words, they perceives feminism as being anti-men. It becomes necessary to examine the characteristics of patriarchy here. Furthermore, it becomes so significant that the role of patriarchy to form such a wrong perceived feminism is so influential. As we think the conditions of men who are a member of patriarchy, there seems nothing that creates a negative situation for men. If a man is quite powerful to imply patriarchy over women, it provides him a freer life conditions as a result of occupying the human rights of women.

Today, many women and man can not realize that the meaning of ‘feminism’ that they think in their mind does not fit the essence of feminist ideology. So, many people call themselves ‘feminist’ although they did not fulfill the requirements of being a feminist person. It is a fact that today many people think that being a feminist becomes possible only if you are a female. There may be lots of men who support woman to save from patriarchy. In fact, as Hooks mentions, at that point it needs to divide the feminist groups into two reformist and revolutionary. Revolutionary thinkers, who are emphasizing to reach the gender equality from the existing situations, seems to having the right point of view about the issue. In a reformist point of view, you can not have so many chances to change the existing order in society. In the reformist thinking of feminism, it needs to be dependent on the views of male. So, in other words, there occurs a situation in which female rights are determined by male supremacy. You are forced again to accept the superiority of men since they are the driving force to make you interested in the social equality. Reformist feminist thinking focusing primarily on equality with men in the workforce overshadowed the original radical foundations of contemporary feminism which called for reform as well as overall restructuring of society so that our nation would be fundamentally anti-sexist. Finally, it is a quite possible thing that men can be supporters of this movement and this does not create a problem but the crucial thing is that the movement should be in a revolutionary character.

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In conclusion, the debate is still going on but the important thing is that the feminism movement is changing character from day to day. In today’s world women seem to gain more equal rights with men than they ever have. But the important thing is that the diversity between two sexes seems never to stop. When we think the issue from a man’s point of view, instead of being an active feminist to support the movement, leaving woman alone to form their own character seem so much healthier. Thus, we may have a world that involves a complete equality between two sexes as man intervention did not play a powerful role in that change. Hence, it leads me to the justness of a revolutionary feminist thinking.

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